Show Off Your Cables Instead of Hiding Them


A mess of cords is a common workspace problem. Whether you have a home office or work in a cube, you now what I’m talking about. It’s even a problem most living rooms face, a mess + tangle of cords. While I’ve talked about ways to hide the cord clutter, what if you embraced it instead?

image via + Unplgged

A very long lamp cord doubles as wall art + extension of this lamp. Love this photo and the idea behind it, could you make it work in your workspace?

This is what I’d like to call “cord décor” where your cords become décor with the help of a cute accessory. You can see more of these Leaf Ties here.

Let’s not forget our newest favorite, the Coil Lamp that uses a cord as the shade and base of the lamp. An extension cord wraps around the entire lamp to make for a great conversation piece.

A colorful Cord Router that keeps cords organized but on display. The colorful holders make for a great accessory + cord displayer. 

While there are a million different ways you can display your cords, I love the idea of doing it in a specific design. I’m more of a hide your cords away kind of gal but if you’re stuck with having cord displays, you might be able to do a few of the ideas listed here, without cringing. 

If you’d rather hide your cords than show them off, be sure to check this out. I’m curious though, which would you prefer: Cord Décor or Hidden Cords? Let me know in the comments below!


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