Simple Tips to “Green Up” Your Office Space


I often feel overwhelmed with whole idea of “going green” -- mainly because I don't know where to start, and it always seems to take SO much extra effort. However, over that past few months, I have taken several very simple steps to reduce my waste and start my "green" journey in my home... but more specifically in my office. 

Simple Tips to "Green Up" Your Office Space:

1. Switch to LED light bulbs.

Not only will you help the environment, you should also see a nice savings on your energy bill!

2. Recycle... everything!

Set up a recycling center somewhere in your office and start collecting plastic, cans, paper, etc. You might be surprised how quickly these things add up. If you don't have the space or ability to set up a full-blown recycling center, then at least donate your paper to a church, school, or office Paper Gator.

3. Go paperless.

Use email and electronic calendars instead of printing loads of paper. Sign up for paperless statements and pay your bills online. Think be for you print anything and always question if there is a way to do what you need to do without using paper.

4. Monitor your office temperature. 

Turn the heat down a few degrees in the winter and leave the windows open (if possible) instead of turning the AC on in the summer. Wear an extra layer or use a fan -- it could save you SO much money!

5. Save your gas.

Ask around and see if any other employees are coming from your area -- and then set up a car-pool to and from work. Better yet, see if you can work from home a day or two each week.

6. Watch what you eat.

Instead of going out for lunch every day (and using more gas in the process) pack your lunch in a reusable lunch bag and use reusable water bottles / coffee mugs. Bonus, some coffee shops even give discounts for bringing in your own mug!

7. Clean green.

Use eco-friendly cleaning supplies in and around your office.

8. Lower your energy consumption.

Turn off (and unplug) electronic devices when you're not using them -- or at least use a power strip so you can simply turn it off when you "close up shop" for the day.

9. Reduce and reuse.

Not only should we buy and use office supplies that are made from recycled materials, we should also do our best to repurpose items we already have on hand instead of buying something new.

10. Properly dispose electronics.

When it's time to despose of old computers, printer, cell phones, or other electronic devices, make sure you do it in the proper way. I know some stores will allow you to recycle your old electronics for free (if you purchase a new one from their store), but you can also be on the look-out for free drop-of locations.

And if all else fails, there are companies that will come out to your office and properly dispose of your electronic devices for a reasonable fee.

With just a little extra effort, we can all make a positive difference in our own office spaces -- and hopefully encourage others around us to do the same.

What have you done to "green up" your office space?

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Sarah - February 19, 2013

Saving electricity by using natural daylight, putting off the computer monitors, switching to non-toxic cleaning products, utilizing green energy sources for heating & cooling your office all can transform your office space inside and out excellently.


Casey July 23, 2013

Much appreciated! Thank you for these simple yet effective tips! I might consider these tips in my office space Dallas.

Laura January 11, 2014

Hi Andrea, thanks for sharing this useful information. Really great tips for keeping your office environment clean & green. For commercial cleaning services in Australia please visit

Drake Dylan January 29, 2014

“Green Up” is the best term to use if you want to make your office space Dallas look clean and fresh. This is definitely what I wanted to happen on the office that I’m currently renting.

CentennialBusiness April 7, 2014

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Billy August 21, 2014

Start from the ground up at work.  All the little things help!  I used this company, OSI, that sells grea office supplies in Kewanee, IL and they have a great selection of eco-friendly products!

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