Starting a Company with Green Principles


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If you are an entrepreneur looking to start a company, beginning with green principles is important. No matter what your business is, having consideration for your environment is not only good for the earth, but also for your employees.

Employee cooperation is crucial for a successful sustainable office. Design your company to be green from the start, and instill the habits early on.


Incentives for partaking in sustainable living can drive the cooperation in the office, and outside of the working day. Provide rewards for employees that take the bus or carpool. Even further beyond that, create a program for biking to work that provides benefits for those who choose to incorporate a healthy lifestyle that saves energy and reduces pollution.

"Going Green" is a common trend amongst businesses. Whether you believe in a changing climate or not, it is good business practice to actively participate in reducing your carbon footprint. Presenting yourself as environmentally friendly improves the company image and demonstrates to the public what your company stands for.

Eliminating waste is just one concern out of many energy saving challenges. You want to eliminate use of paper but implementing new programs can be time consuming. In the long run, you can save money and time by using different techniques for reducing paper and waste of materials. For example, instead of printing out team notes, make them available on an app that everyone can pull up on their laptop or tablet during meetings.

Encouraging usage of tablets and apps for file sharing, team notes, videos, and images means minor printing, more completed projects, and less paper wasted.

Instead of throwing things away, recycle when you can. Using apps like iRecycle, you can find out what you can recycle, and receive further information on programs and the latest in green news. Read their tips for advice on improving your own green lifestyle. 

Are you thinking of starting a company with green values? Why or why not? 


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