Storage: How to be Trendy but Original


Storage is an essential part of your office ecosystem and Turnstone has some pretty great options if I do say so myself. As someone who moves around often in my office setting I need my must-haves accessible easily. In a previous article I showed you what I need for great work flow. In my lap top bag, I keep my current work files with me as well as my photo editing equipment and an extra external hard drive.

Better work flow: get organized

Better work flow: get organized

However my need for storage has grown beyond my laptop bag and I've been hunting for the perfect file cabinet. I looked to Pinterest and found some great inspiration. The stand alone, mobile office system:

Source: via Jodi

Industrial looking shelving:

Source: via Jodi

Painted peg-board, a great accent that is functional:

Source: via Jodi

A built in office with storage nooks that can also serve as seating:

Source: Uploaded by user via Jodi

Then went hunting. I scoured my favorite thrift stores and antique shops. (I showed you how I do it here) I decided I'd love a stand alone, smaller file cabinet that I could move easily and wasn't going to be an eye sore in a home or office. So I also wanted something a little more industrial looking to fit my personal style. When I found it (and for only ten bucks) I couldn't believe it. I grabbed it and went home happy. Now my office has an accent that fits my needs and means business.

File cabinet, creative office storage

Metal cabinet

How do you find the right piece for your office and what does organization mean to you? You might also like: 5 essential elements to a home office and Run Your Business, Don't Let it Run You


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