The Four Most Helpful Apps to do it all From Your Desktop


My top four helpful apps that make working from anywhere as a remote worker a seamless process are: Hootsuite, and Dropbox.

You're so popular ...

Hootsuite is a social media management tool.

  HootSuite Twitter

I use Hootsuite to manage my multiple twitter, facebook, and linkedin accounts. Social media is a huge part of what I do and the platform and multiple accounts can be a full time job just in and of itself, Hootsuite keeps everything in one place for me and, if I upgrade to a paid subscription, I can have team members, too. However, it doesn't just keep it all in one place, it offers insight as well. I can schedule posts for a later time and create streams and searches for specific keywords. I can see how many people are clicking on links I put out and see reports on a number of different tools that can integrate with hootsuite. 

  HootSuite Reports

You're so valuable ...

I use Freshbooks for all my invoicing, tracking my expenses, paying contractors, time tracking, Profit and Loss, tax preparations ... pretty much Freshbooks and I run this business together. Only I don't have to understand words like "depreciation" or "phantom profit" because, what?  

  Freshbooks Reports

And you can too! 

  Freshbooks Invoicing 1

You're so talented ... is a google app much like Basecamp where you can schedule tasks and manage projects. In short, this is my brain.

  Do Recent Activity

Tasks, Projects, Notes - integrate with email and google calendar. Invite team members and assign tasks with due dates. will take everything in your brain and your notebook and make a list of things to do, broken down by project and due date, and deliver them to you each morning. 

You play well with others ...

Dropbox is a collaborative file system that you can access anywhere via the web. You can add or invite people to your folders for easy sharing, you can create links to folders for easy grab and go (think client files, such as photographs, can be in a link-shared folder for easy access).

DropBox GetStarted page

DropBox Share Page

With these essential web based apps I can work from any where as well as work inside of a team easily by utilizing these desktop apps. Well, these and Wordpress :) ... such a blogger.

What did I miss?


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