Tip of the Week: A Personalized Space Part 2


In a recent post, Stephen talked about how chalkboards are having a come back in offices around the globe. I missed the old chalkboard days and thought I'd add an element of chalkboard dust to my desk.

I'm a constant list-maker and for some reason haven't found a technology that accomodates my lists as much as I'd like it to. I've tried online versions, task lists in my email, and sending myself emails to no avail. So, I'm stuck with the good ol' standby of a notebook or random sticky notes. How handy would it be to have that checklist always in view? And erasable?

So - here comes my weekly to-do list that is now firmly adhered to my worksurface. In about an hour I was ready to go with a revamped to-do list.


1. Measure the amount of space you want the paint on. I chose way off to the side so that I can still see it but won't hit it when working on my computer. Mark it with masking tape around the entire area.

2. Open your can of chalkboard paint and mix it well. Begin by painting a strip that covers the entire length or width of the area. If you stop mid stroke, it's very hard to keep the texture consistent. (Note: I used a paint brush but a sponge brush would lead to smoother results.)

3. Paint one entire coat, let dry and paint another. I painted outside in the sun so it dried extremely fast. I painted it 4 coats thick in a matter of 20 minutes.

4. Let the paint dry for at least 48 hours to cure (I know, it's hard to wait).

5. Carefully peel off masking tape to reveal a perfectly square chalkboard.

6. Head out to the store and buy some chalk (this was the hardest part for me) and write away!

How would you use chalkboard paint in the office? What's your preferred method of keeping your to-do lists organized?


MATT November 28, 2011

Any idea what desks those are?

Emily @Turnstone November 28, 2011

Hi Matt -

They’re a Bivi Desk -  found here:

Rachel December 16, 2011

What a fun idea and it’s so neat and tidy! I just clicked over from Apartment Therapy and I would love to share a link to this project with my readers if you didn’t mind.

Emily @Turnstone December 16, 2011

Hi Rachel - that would be great. Just checked out your blog and I’d love it if you shared there!

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