Tour the Offices of 7 Companies Whose Products You Use Daily


I love looking at random office, but there is nothing more fun than seeing where the products that I love and use are created. That's why today I've created a fun gallery showing office the office design of 7 companies whose products your probably use daily.

Apple, Twitter, Unilever, Craigslist, Method, Youtube, and Skype.



With iPad, iPod, iPhone, and all of their desktop and laptop computers, chances are pretty good that you use one of Apple's products every day. And more often than not, you probably use more than one per day. Come on. Be Honest.

Well, Apple's offices are going to be moving soon, but a recent renovation created the offices below. Designed to be clean and futuristic like their products, these shots show off a rare look into the secretive company's offices.

And yes. The images are real. More here.


If you're like me, you use Craigslist daily. I'm always looking for deals on small items I want. Somehow I find myself apartment hunting, even though I've got a great living situation already.

Their original offices, shown below, have since expanded. But I've been unable to hunt down new images. 


I use soap every day. And I hope you do too. For me, Method's soap products have shown themselves to be superior to most other soaps I've used.

Their offices are pretty amazing as well. Bright and clean - which echo what their products are supposed to leave things. If you as me, the office design here is an excellent form of branding.


Unilever owns a huge amount of brands like Axe, Ben & Jerry's, Dove, Lipton, etc etc etc. Yes you've probably consumed or used one of their products today.

Their Switzerland office space is an example of Agile Working, where employees are given many types of spaces to work to assist their every day tasks as best as possible.

The office's design is very bright and colorful, with many interesting shapes and colors. Even though their products are in my life daily, I wouldn't mind the same for their office.

More images here.


I used to think Twitter was a waste of time... until I used it. And now I'm hooked. Chances are that you use it frequently too. And if not. You should.

The company has moved a number of times since they were founded, but it seems like their latest location is going to hold them for a while. This design has a rooftop garden, huge cafeteria, casual seating areas galore and game rooms.

Check out a full tour here.


If you havent' watched a cat video yet today. You should. Here's a good one.

Youtube has recently opened an office in London that is dubbed as the "creator's space", where Youtube creators can come and create videos for the world's largest video site.

The design is both raw and fun, with a lot of cool design features.

Check out a full tour here.


Remember when video calling was the future? Well now it exists and hundreds of millions of people use the service to connect with their friend,s, families, and business associates.

This office was designed to be a talent draw for Skype in Palo Alto and has some great elements. The spacing in the building is well balanced. Conference rooms are spaced throughout the office. And Many casual seating areas are placed between everything.

And they have sitting stones. See the full space here.


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