What is your most productive time?


Do You Know When You Are MOST Productive?


If you've never thought about when you are the most productive, this may sounds like a ridiculous question. However, I can almost guarantee there are certain hours each day when you are always very productive and other hours when you consistently struggle to stay focused and get anything accomplished.

The trick is to figure out what hours you are most productive and then use those hours to do the work that requires the most concentration. Then you can use your less productive hours to do more of the "mindless" work and less tedious tasks that still need to get done each day.

For example, a writer would want to use her most productive hours to do as much writing and editing as possible. Then use her less productive hours to catch up on emails, brainstorm about new ideas, and anything else that doesn't require tons of focus.

A web designer might want to use his most productive hours to do tedious coding and design. He could then use his less productive hours to surf the web, look for new design ideas, update social media, etc.

So how you can you figure out when you are most productive?

It actually not that difficult to figure out... simply sit back and think about when you feel most "awake" and "with-it". When do you often feel tired?

If you naturally wake up early and go to bed on time, your most productive hours are probably earlier in the day. Then, as the day goes on, you most likely get less and less productive.

If you work third shift, your most productive hours are probably late afternoon or early evening -- right before you go into work.

If you always struggle to wake up in the morning but love staying up late at night, your most productive hours are probably later in the evening. 

Most people I know find it more difficult to be super productive right after lunch or dinner, and I know several people who are most productive during the afternoon hours. 

Whatever type of work you do, it's important to figure out when you are most productive. Then decide what tasks are most important to accomplish and do those takes during your productive hours. 

Once you start maximizing your most productive hours, you'll probably find that you are producing higher quality work, accomplishing more in less time, and feeling less stressed or overwhelmed.

What is Your MOST Productive Time of Day?


April January 9, 2012

I’m most productive between 10 am and 1pm.  I will work while in meetings and take late lunches just to get the most out of this time.  Plus, I get more done by staying in the quieter office while everyone else is lunching.

jakepower January 19, 2013

i think im much more productive in the late hours of my work. im really sleepy in the morning everyday at my office and it feels like i want to go back in my hochbeet in my room.

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