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Krista Bedosky

As a Minnesota native, Krista transplanted to Savannah, Georgia to attend Savannah College of Art & Design. Through the process of earning her BFA in photography, she has gained a better appreciation of art and design. Thanks to the encouragement of her artsy mother and business savvy father, she made the move to NYC where she has held positions in the photography and social media fields. Her passion for furniture and design led her to Turnstone, blogging about events in New York City, design, unique company culture, upcoming technology and more.

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Sayeh Pezeshki

Sayeh Pezeshki has never met an office she didn’t like, but she’s seen plenty that are in need of a stylish update! Her office styling advice ranges from a quick revamp to the desktop to full office makeovers, including styling offices and creating chic workspaces. Sayeh’s chic office supplies and desktop accessories and styling advice have appeared in top media outlets including Daily Candy, Lucky Magazine, Lalawag, Design Milk, Apartment Therapy and more than 200 bloggers around the globe!

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Stephen Searer

Office Snapshots

While most people dread the thought of an office, Stephen is the complete opposite. For the past four years, he has run the website,, which displays some of the best company office spaces from around the world. In addition to showing off company spaces, Stephen interviews office designers, finds interesting products, and shows home offices.

Stephen has also had the opportunity to visit the offices of several of the worlds most well-known companies like Aol, Google, and Adobe, as well as smaller companies like Digg, Reddit, Square, and Eventbrite.

He doesn't believe that office design should be a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather that each company should find the right balance between their specific employee, budgetary, and missional needs.

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Andrea Dekker

Andrea Dekker is an avid list maker, pro diaper changer, and simple living enthusiast. Her goal is to simplify real life for real families with real budgets, real schedules, and real homes. Follow her journey at

Andrea is addicted to her iPhone, her daily planner, the color white, Italian food, and cute baby shoes. She lives in a renovated 120-year old farmhouse with her husband and baby girl. 

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Jodi Schaap

Jodi is a blogger extraordinaire and freelance writer. She loves information and beams when someone asks her a question that involves compiling ideas. Married to a serial entrepreneur she lives in an office disguised as a home. Which is some times also disguised as a playground - together Jodi and her husband have 2 wonderful kids. Jodi has been blogging for 10 years and still hard codes each and every post. That means she speaks geek. Kind of. In another life Jodi was a Real Estate Agent turned Banker turned SAHM all the while dreaming of huge adventures to take on. Enter: The Life List.

She'll cover How To projects under the Turnstone arm all the while bringing stunning photographs and conversation your way. Aside from Ruling the World, raising children, being a sounding board and life manager to her husband and running her own successful business: Jodi also co-plans and owns a local Conference: Gleek Retreat, where bloggers from the MidWest gather to be inspired and grow as a unified body of Writers and Doers.

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Carla Turk

Her love of sketching, color rending and appreciation of interior spaces led her to interior design. Carla started as a resource librarian at an architecture and design firm in Chicago and worked her way in to the design studio. She’s always been inspired by finish materials, modern furniture and interior architecture and how it all comes together to create and support a brand.

Carla writes about “10 ways to” and showcases design intent, goals achieved and images of interior workplaces and public spaces in her blog

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Ramon Ray

Ramon is a journalist, technology evangelist, editor of and author of "Technology Solutions for Growing Businesses" (Amacom) - He co-produces the Sixth Annual Small Business Summit 2011 (since 2006), produces the Taste of Technology Small Business Series the Small Business Technology Tour, and is a speaker (including Inc 500).

Ramon has written thousands of technology articles and news items for and other media including: Inc. Magazine, New York Enterprise Report, Black Enterprise Magazine, CNet, Var Business, TechTarget,, Small Business Resources and others. He has also written for technology vendors including Microsoft, FileMaker, and Everest..

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Jennifer Hagler

Jennifer Hagler consistently shares superior design and talent in the areas of interiors and fashion, a bit of handmade, occasional DIY projects and something personal from time to time. Her viewership has acquired exceptional standards and knowledge about spaces and objects.

Currently she authors A Merry Mishap and participates in guest blog posts, as well as curation for Etsy pages.

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