Artist Profile | Chuck Anderson

Paper Table Project

The Artist Profile is when creativity meets function. In this profile, Chuck Anderson fell in love with the paper table, and was given a week to create a work of art. As an exclusive, we have taken Chuck’s piece of art and bundled it with the object of his inspiration, the Paper Table. Choose between a Fracture or Print Reproduction. Click on the buy now button below, and pick your Limited Edition Paper Table today!

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Chuck's Bio

NoPattern is the art & design studio of Chuck Anderson. Since 2003, a year after graduating high school, Chuck has been collaborating with clients such as Microsoft, Nike, Warner Bros., Reebok, Burton, Target, and more. In addition to this work, Chuck also produces much of his own personal art, design, & photography as well as collaborations with non-profits such as Invisible Children, charity:water, and WordMadeFlesh, among others. Chuck has also spoken about his work & story at many universities & design conferences around the world and was a judge at the annual Art Director's Club Awards in NYC. In November 2010, Chuck was named a "Design Icon" by Computer Arts Magazine. Read the article here.

Chuck's Essentials

Copic Markers

There’s nothing like the Copic Original double-ended marker for expert blending, painting, and tone control. Works excellent on a turnstone Paper Table with Paper Pad.
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Action Method Cards

The Action Method by Behance is designed to help you plan and execute projects and tasks in a simple, organized manner.
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AeroPress Coffee Maker

The AeroPress is an entirely new way to make coffee, American style or Espresso style for use in lattes, cappuccinos and other espresso based drinks.
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MoMA Numbers Clock

When placed in order, current time is displayed normally. When placed in “dis”order, time is completely rearranged.
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Moleskine Notebook

I have been using moleskine sketchbooks as a place to capture my ideas since school and the size and durability allow me to take them with me anywhere.
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