Design My Space 3D space-planning tool

The new Design My Space 3D tool allows you to quickly and easily layout your office in 3D! Choose a room layout, add doors and windows, drag-and-drop your turnstone furniture into the layout, and choose your paint and decorations. Then fly through your new space in 3D, or publish your design to the world. Collaborate with others on the design, and when you are ready, you can purchase your entire drawing with a single click.

Start Designing Now

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Use this bar to help walk you through your design. Start with planning our walls, then build in doors & windows, add furniture objects, decorate, and share it.

Change your view from 2D, 3D or give the space a "walk through".

The right bar allows you to select and customize the objects you're adding to your space. Everything from doors and windows to chairs or carpet can be found here.

After adding a product to your design, see more information about it. This section shows what fabrics or finishes you've chosen, the price of the product, and it's dimensions. You can actually purchase just the object selected or your entire plan here as well.

You can undo, redo, delete, or duplicate items using this toolbar.