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Nine Absolutely Crazy Offices

By Stephen Searer

Generally-speaking, companies create crazy office environments in an attempt to draw attention to their creativity, their brand - or to stimulate certain feelings upon entering the workplace. While most companies do not embrace crazy office design, a few do, and a few have gotten it right. Let's take a peek at a few great examples of crazy office design.


No crazy office gallery is complete without those of Inventionland. The company and its employees invent things, so what better excuse to have a fun, innovative, creative, and inspiring office space?



Bahnhof is a Swedish internet provider whose offices are located within a mountain. Just look at it. The walls are thick granite, it is wonderfully futuristic, and looks like a James Bond villain's lair - the perfect place to host and provide internet services for the 21st century.


Cheap Monday

Big sprawling warehouses can be incredibly overwhelming - that is, unless you put something in the middle of the space to block the view from one side to the other. Stockholm-based clothiers, Cheap Monday, did just that with huge carpeted pyramid conference rooms. While it is clear fashion is cyclical, apparently architecture is as well, because those pyramids looks perfect in modern grey.



Nothing screams crazy like building an office out of cardboard, but Nothing Amsterdam did just that. As an advertising company, treating your space like an advertisement can pay dividends, especially when it blows the competition out of the water in creativity. And using cardboard in the space is quite a bit more innovative that traditional bricks and mortar.


Selgas Cano

As you can tell, the theme of crazy offices seems to revolve around setting yourself apart from others. Selgas Cano, a Madrid-based architecture firm has an office that is essentially a tube in the ground in a forest. It is beautiful, and anyone that comes across it should be happy to give the firm a project to do.

Three Rings

Designing video games is tough work, so having a fun and relaxing atmosphere to work in is important. For Three Rings Design in San Francisco, that meant creating a steampunk-themed office that mimicked one of their games.


Missing Link

Have you ever been to an office with a slide, a firepole, a shooting range, and a treehouse? Probably not. But for Missing Link, a presentation and conference organizing company based in South Africa, those features are the reality. The goal of the design was to create a place where employees want to work - and clients want to visit.



Brandbase is a company that deals with company branding - so creating a space that tells a story of their company was an important task. Is there anything more outrageous and innovative than creating an office out of pallets? No (besides maybe cardboard).


Grand Gift

Gift wrapping sounds like the most boring job in human history, but for employees of Grand Gift in Russia, the office will definitely not be a major contributor to boredom. Using a number of their products, this office decor creates just about the most insane-looking office I've ever seen. But hey, you can't get any more resourceful than using a ton of your own product to make a statement of an office.