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Price from $459 from $349 from $149
Type of Seating




  • mesh back
  • lumbar support
  • back tension control
  • height adjustment
  • adjustable height arms
  • turnstone quality
  • unique hammock suspension
  • height adjustment
  • stool version available
  • turnstone quality
  • contoured seat and back
  • swivel seat
  • fixed height arm
  • turnstone quality
Typical User

For the worker who wants quick, lasting comfort in a sleek, modern design.

Uno is great for the squirmer who needs an ergonomic desk chair. Perfect for conference rooms and meeting areas, Uno lets you check off every item on your agenda while moving in comfort.

Perfect for an afternoon of focused work, Jack's affordable pricepoint lets you finish your project without depleting your budget.

Fundamental Ergonomics

Syncro-tilt mechanism, pneumatic seat height adjustment, seat depth adjustment, multi-position back lock and back tension adjustment make Reply a leader in its class.

Uno's unique hammock-like suspension moves with the body, providing continuous ergonomic support. Uno is easy to use and offers exceptional comfort.

Contoured back and seat offer support, while fixed arms and a swivel base keep you comfortable and on task.

Chair Response

Reply keeps controls right at your fingertips, making it easy for you to sit comfortably all day. With added support on the back and seat, Reply effortlessly creates the perfect fit for you.

Cushioned back and seat keep you supported and comfortable. Caster options for both carpet and hard surfaces partner with Uno's hammock suspension for fluid movement everywhere you work.

Cushioned seat and back give an extra layer of comfort. Swivel base and caster options for carpet or hard floors allow you to move with ease. 

Adjustment Scale




Weight Capacity

Up to 300lbs

Up to 225lbs

Up to 225lbs