Sleek, modern and incredibly versatile

A true multi-purpose chair, Shortcut is at home in the office, educational environments, healthcare settings and beyond. With a comfortable plastic shell and a range of options, Shortcut is a perfect choice for short-term sitting.

Design inspiration

We don’t need research to tell us the workplace is busier than ever. When deadlines loom, you want an easy-to-use chair that will support quick sits between meetings and focus time. That’s why we created Shortcut. With built-in flexibility and surprising comfort, Shortcut proves it isn’t just easy to use — it’s easy to love.

Simple. Smart.

Available as a chair or stool and with unique features you won’t find anywhere else, Shortcut proves less is more and great style is timeless.

Rear Cutout

Shortcut’s perfectly-placed cutout is designed to offer extra flexibility and comfort while exposing a pop of cushion color from the back.

Abbreviated Elbow Rests

Shortcut’s no-fuss elbow rests fully support mobile device use, and make it easy to pull close to your desk without the hassle of adjusting arms.

Optional Seat Cushion

Add comfort and a pop of personality with bright colors and gorgeous stitching — or skip the cushion for easy-to-clean seating.

Make a statement

Shortcut’s eleven shell colors let you design a space to match your personality without compromising style. Dozens of fabric options make it easy to create your one-of-a-kind chair.

Attention to detail

We believe small things have the power to make a big impact. That’s why we designed Shortcut’s cushion with bold stitching to outline each seam. Details do matter — and these details are stunning.

*Contrast stitching available as a special order.

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