Simple Tables

Sometimes all you need is, well, a simple table. Perfect for cafes, group areas, classrooms and more, Simple Tables support a range of uses and postures.


Whether you need room for one or seventy-one, Simple Tables pull together and move apart in a snap, creating places for solo or group work.


Offering a range of postures in the workplace not only promotes wellbeing, but encourages the kind of movement that makes collaboration easy.


Providing your team with a range of work places allows them to choose where and how they like to work for an hip, unbuttoned office experience.

The New Office Staple

Think of it as the “little black dress” for your office. Your go-to solution for reconfigurability and dependability. Dress it up, dress it down, pair it with stools, traditional chairs or lounges—it just works.

Movement Made for You



A Shape to Fit Your Need




Simplify Your Space

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