Harlem, New York

1–10 employees, < 2,000 sq. ft. sq. ft.

IncubateNYC is the first technology and entrepreneurial incubator in the most iconic urban community in the world: Harlem, New York.

IncubateNYC has always had plenty of enthusiasm, connections, and great ideas for startup businesses. What they were missing was a space to call home. Their passion for building a community of entrepreneurs needed a space that was up to the task. Today, they’ve got it. With the help of turnstone, IncubateNYC has become a hub for forward thinking and collaborative spirit. In fact, their colleagues often prefer working here over their own offices. And who could blame them? IncubateNYC is getting it done, right in the heart of Harlem. When people walk in their door, anything is possible.

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