Our Story

At turnstone, we’re committed to creating exceptional workplaces that support and inspire entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. As part of the Steelcase Inc. family of brands, we share research, insights and innovative endeavors with Steelcase and Coalesse.

It began on a beach with a single idea.

After observing a flock of Turnstones scurrying along the pebbled shoreline, everything came into focus for our founders. It was time to create a brand that, like the bird, would turn over every stone in search of that one perfect thing. A brand that would stop at nothing before finding what it was looking for. A brand specializing in office furniture solutions for entrepreneurs seeking something different.

Our sustainability promise

We believe entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to impact generations with innovative ideas and diligent effort. That’s why we’re committed to unlocking human potential and supporting work wherever it happens.

When we talk about stewardship, we’re talking about making choices with the earth in mind. Turnstone is dedicated to researching with care, designing with integrity and moving in the direction of planet health.

We are dedicated to balancing each tenant of our sustainability promise: acting with integrity, treating people with dignity and protecting the environment while remaining profitable for our shareholders.