Our story.

There’s an energy to starting something new.

The excitement of the unknown. The hard work and the fun. In classes and careers, we come into our own when we have the chance to do new things. It’s how we develop our independence. It’s when we discover our abilities. It’s the thrill of creating our community and taking brave strides together.

We turn beginnings into breakthroughs.

(And then, we do it again.)

At Turnstone we’re with you at these turning points because we began just like you. We’re bold and resourceful about new opportunities. From education to entrepreneurship to enterprise, we help teams create invigorating spaces where people can work and learn. Socialize and collaborate. Synthesize and focus. We celebrate the optimism of new talent that’s driven to dream big, dig deep and turn ideas into impact.

Let’s start something new.

From education to entrepreneurship to enterprise, Turnstone makes cleverly simple furnishings for workspaces where you can start something new. We help teams create invigorating places where people can work and learn, to turn beginnings into breakthroughs.

Our sustainability promise.

We believe entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to impact generations with innovative ideas and diligent effort. That’s why we’re committed to unlocking human potential and supporting work wherever it happens.

When we talk about stewardship, we’re talking about making choices with the earth in mind. Turnstone is dedicated to researching with care, designing with integrity and moving in the direction of planet health.

We are dedicated to balancing each tenant of our sustainability promise: acting with integrity, treating people with dignity and protecting the environment while remaining profitable for our shareholders.