Designed with you in mind

Telling authentic stories begins with the freedom to create something truly representative of who you are. Bivi redefines today’s workplace with effortless, modern style, allowing you to add personality and beauty to the workplace.

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bivi modular desk system in white finish with 4 desks, floating side storage, privacy screen, storage trunks, arch accessory and shortcut office chairs


Working in traditional seated posture is a classic way to attack the day.

bivi modular desk system in white finish with 2 desks, arch accessory with upper and lower infills, clamp-on power, and footrest accessory


Stand up to get down to work, or gather the team around for impromptu meetings.

bivi freestanding rumble seating in tan, campfire alight ottoman in yellow, CH008 coffee table in oak, and campfire slim table in warm oak


Sit down, lean back, dig in. Lounge is the new way to get things done.

Introducing Bivi Team Bundles

For those who want a quickly deployable space, we’re bringing Bivi’s best-selling applications to you in three easy steps.

A Bivi Team Theater Bundle makes it easy for groups to participate in events such as webinars and video conference calls.

Dual Height Bivi

Great for meeting, conference and presentation rooms – or team spaces.

Bivi Team Table

An ideal touchdown space for team, conference and training rooms.

Explore Bivi Bundles

Endlessly innovative

Dual Height Bivi

Designed with teams in mind, the Bivi dual height application offers seated and standing postures in one system. Bivi’s intuitive design and new take on choice and control uniquely supports the dynamic nature of creative work.

72″ Table Tops

Bivi is now available in 72” Table Tops. A spacious solution for individuals, comfortable homebase for mentoring relationships or owned space for two people, 72” joins Bivi 48” and 60” to provide a range of options for today’s dynamic workplace.

Bring your story to the office

Design a Bivi that truly represents who you are. Whether splashed in color or drenched in black, Bivi provides a limitless framework for your imagination.

zoomed in view of fabric tackboard screen material in grey


Dress Bivi in fabrics that highlight your brand and capture your style. Layer on textures with our fabric options or use your own material for a personalized experience.

bivi modular desk system in black finish with 4 desks, fabric tackboard screens, clamp-on power, 4-circuit power, footrest accessory, and shortcut office chairs


Coat Bivi in gorgeous finishes that punctuate your individuality. Endless paint colors tell a rich story rooted in shades and hues that represent you or your brand.

Do More With Less

Bivi incorporates a variety of postures and provides privacy in the workplace with the turn of a single tool. Its insight-led design offers sitting, standing and lounge options in one collection, so you can do more with less.

Built to Fit You

Personalized accessories set Bivi apart from the crowd. Add something here, reconfigure it there. Whatever your style and no matter your passion, Bivi has a way to celebrate the unique thumbprint left on every space.

Bivi Rumble Seat

Sit down. Take a load off. Add Bivi Rumble Seat to your Bivi desk for instant lounge comfort and a place to connect.

zoomed in view of bivi footrest accessory in white

Bivi Footshelf

Give your work a leg up with Bivi Footshelf. Designed to promote a shift in weight while standing, your feet will love a new place to park.

zoomed in view of bivi modular desk system in white finish with 4 desks, arch accessory with upper infill, canopy accessory, clamp-on power, and gesture chair in cream

Bivi Canopy

Bivi Canopy brings down ceiling heights, adding a sense of place to open environments.

bivi bike hook in green, arch accessory, hook accessory, modular desk system with 4 desks, top shelf accessory, and reply chairs

Bivi Bike Hook

Dial up office culture with a cool place to park your ride. Bivi Bike Hook mounts on the wall or attaches to Bivi Table so bikes stay up and away from office traffic.

bivi top shelf in white connected to modular desk system

Bivi Top Shelf

Keep work surfaces clean and tidy with Bivi Top Shelf. Elevate your computer monitor or accessorize with office supplies for a personalized day at the office.

bivi organizer in white connected to modular desk system

Bivi Organizer

Keep your world tidy with Bivi Organizer. With two shelves and solid steel construction, papers and projects stay organized and within reach.

bivi floating side storage in green connected to modular desk system

Bivi Floating Side Storage

Define work spaces and add organization with Bivi Floating Side Storage. With access on both sides, your team will love the extra real estate.

bivi holder in orange connected to modular desk system

Bivi Holder

Fill Bivi Holder with plants or use it to keep notebooks and office supplies together. Whatever you need wrangle, we’ve got a place for it.

bivi bottom shelf in white connected to modular desk system

Bivi Bottom Shelf

Computer towers, work bags and lunch boxes don’t belong on the floor. Give them a place to call home with Bivi Bottom Shelf. Add up to four on each Bivi to maximize storage.

bivi privacy screen in green connected to modular desk system

Bivi Screen

Create a sense of personal space with Bivi Screen. Use the magnetic board to display photos of Fido and your favorite quotes to reflect your individuality.

bivi board rack in white attached to arch accessory

Bivi Board Rack

Snowboards, longboards and vintage skateboards have a home with the Bivi Board Rack. Keep wheels close at hand so you can hit the slopes — or ride the hallways — in no time flat.

Stow your stuff in style

With Bivi storage, residents of the space have room to keep documents and project assets, and mobile workers can stash and dash before starting the day. Make sure your office has everything you need to stay tidy with these three options:

bivi trunk in yellow connected to modular desk system

Bivi Trunk

Extra space on top with ample storage on each end makes Trunk the perfect add-on to Bivi. Additional shelving in the center puts personal items on display.

bivi freestanding trunk in blue

Bivi Freestanding Trunk

Gorgeous and sleek, Freestanding Trunk brings a warm, residential vibe to any space. Use it for storage and as a media console.

bivi depot in walnut

Bivi Depot

Define spaces while adding visual interest to walls with Bivi Depot. Use one alone, stack two together or add a third for maximum storage.

Charge ahead

Keep your office clean and your desk tidy with a benching system with built-in power. Bivi’s unique design hides unsightly cords, chargers and electrical outlets, and allows you to stow devices while staying connected. With Bivi power, the only thing on your desk will be your next big idea.

bivi 1&2-circuit power connected to modular desk system

1 and 2 Circuit Power

bivi 4-circuit power connected to modular desk system

4 Circuit Power

bivi clamp-on power connected to modular desk system

Clamp on Power

bivi freestanding power connected to modular desk system

Freestanding Power

Explore New Spaces

Grab a Google Cardboard headset and experience colorful new offices inspired by Bivi. Experience a range of postures designed to let you love the way you work.

Virtual Reality
bivi office setup in virtual reality using a Google cardboard headset

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