10 Awesome Gifts to Give Your Co-Workers this Holiday Season

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For me, finding the right gift for a co-worker or employee is the easiest task on my holiday to-do list. Over the years I feel like I’ve become somewhat of a pro being that I regularly shop for amazing and fun office items.  If you’re still not sure what to get your office secret Santa or the entire office, here are some gifts that will definitely have the recipient thinking you’ve got some serious gift giving skills.

1. iPhone Sticky Notes

These are seriously cool, not just for gift giving but even for yourself. They’re a great gift for the entire office and they’re not something you come across every day. Functional, fun and you don’t have to worry about someone else giving the same gift since they’re pretty uncommon.

2. Moshi Moshi Handset

I’m on calls EVERY day and I can’t tell you how annoying it is to keep a cell phone pressed up against my face. If you own an iPhone then you know how hot it can get. These awesome, radiation reducing headsets plug into any cell phone and come in a huge variety of colors. I’d suggest giving a gift like this to the Boss or someone you know is always on the phone.

3. Fun Office Print

Giving a fun or inspiring print is always a great go-to gift and you can usually find a lot of stuff on Etsy for under $20 too. One of my favorites are coffee lover prints like this one since most people at the office can’t LIVE without their coffee.

4. Electric Water Kettle

As someone who needs her tea at the office every day, this is probably the best gift you could ever give. EVER. We don’t have a sink, stove or anything else that would allow me to make my own tea but if I received this colorful electric kettle, I’d be beyond excited as I’m sure other small offices could use a neat gift like this too.

5. Chocolate you can Breathe

Most people don’t know it exists but if you know someone at your office that is always at the office candy bowl and wishes they could resist, this may just be the perfect gift for them.

6. One Cup Coffee Maker

Kind of genius, this handy dandy gift will allow for one cup of coffee to be made. Perfect someone is the only person in an office that drinks coffee or wants to make a quick late afternoon pick me up for themselves. In a nutshell, an awesome office gift.

7. Custom Tech Case

I love my apple products and if there is anything I love more it’s the cases/bags I buy for them. I love this custom one I received from M-Edge and its also a great gift option for the tech lovers out there.  Customize it with a someone’s favorite piece of art or a photo of their pet for an awesome gift.

8. A Pillow you Can Write on

This is a neat gift for pretty much anyone but I see it going in the Boss’s office or reception area where guests sit. Writing a fun note in an unexpected place is just the thing a boring or uninspiring office space needs.

9. Caffeine Candy Set

Everyone needs a pick me up and there is always that one person in the office who drinks coffee ALL day long. For the caffeine addicts out there, this batch of caffeinated candy is the perfect gift.


10. Concrete Desk Accessories

Just because you can. I love cool desk accessories and often times it makes for a great gift but these desk accessories are made out of concrete and heavy duty. This gift would be anything but the standard office gift most people end up giving, ideal for your Boss or someone you want to impress.

Still not sure what gift to give at the office? Be sure to checkout all the “little things” Turnstone carries for some awesome office additions!