10 Ideas To Organize Your Office in 10 Minutes or Less

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I hate wasting time! So I’m always on the lookout for quick organizing projects to tackle when I have a few extra minutes here and there. I’ve even started timing some of my daily tasks, and found that I could accomplish many of them in 10 minutes or less.

After thinking about these 10-minute tasks, I realized that by completing one every day for a year, I could tally up over 60 hours of organizing — pretty impressive!

So even if you are short on time these days, I challenge you to think about little things you can do each day to get more organized without wasting a bunch of precious time.

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Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

1. Respond to, file, or delete 15 emails in your inbox (find more email tips here)
2. Clear old voice-mails and text messages from your phone
3. Clear off your desk surface. Check out these simple office organizing ideas.
4. File one stack of paperwork
5. Mark upcoming meetings, events, and appointments in your calendar/planner
6. Make your to-do list for the day (see how I’ve implemented a block schedule)
7. Shred or file one stack of paperwork
8. Clean out your wallet, purse, or computer bag — who knows what could be hiding in there!
9. Declutter your computer’s desktop screen — probably time to delete, file, and organize ALL those desktop icons!
10. Remind yourself of the goals you’ve set for the year — are you still on track to complete them?

I like to do these 10 minutes tasks during “dead time” — between meetings, while I’m waiting for someone, or even in the car (if you carpool!).

Remember — you’re aiming for progress, not perfection, so even though you won’t be able to get everything completely organized in 10 minutes, doing something is always better than nothing at all!


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andreadekkerAndrea Dekker is the simple living enthusiast behind the Andrea Dekker blog, business, and brand. She is passionate about simplifying every aspect of life in a way that makes sense for real people with real lives and real budgets. She lives her version of “simple” in a 125-year-old farmhouse with her husband, their 2 children, and an ever growing to-do list.