10 Ways Turnstone’s Bivi Desk Supports Startup Culture

2017-11-22T14:53:07+00:00October 13th, 2016|Startup Culture|

Bivi helps activate a sense of startup culture with beautiful, functional design and outstanding performance. Easily assembled with just one tool, Bivi’s modular benching solution makes a modern statement with high impact colors and personalized features created to put your passion on display.

Here are 10 ways it supports startup culture in the workplace:

1. Standing height options

Maintain agility, promote quick meetings and support wellbeing by getting on your feet. Add stools to encourage a change postures throughout the day.

2. Color

Bivi’s PerfectMatch capabilities mean that any color you can imagine can be yours. Match your brand or sport your school colors — the possibilities are limitless.

3. Materiality

Bivi now supports a range of surface materials in addition to standard laminates. Trend-setting options like Billiard Cloth means that your desk can truly put your personality on display.

4. 3D components

Want to design a cup holder, bag holder or gap filler? Bivi makes integrating 3D design a snap. Our gift to all you passionate designers: geometry to print your own turnstone bird.

5. Integrated lounge

Our Rumble Seat drops right into your Bivi system for effortless lounge integration to give your team a palette of postures and the freedom to work in ways that feel natural.

6. Freestanding trunk

As a media console or beautiful side storage, Bivi Freestanding Trunk adds a warm residential feel to any space while delivering modern, practical solutions for digital sharing and organization.

7. Footshelf for standing comfort

Bivi Footshelf adds comfort while standing by enabling a shift in weight and supporting authentic work styles.

8. Fabrics

Add rich fabrics and textures to your workplace with a range of options designed to highlight your personality. Fabrics can be applied to privacy screens and Rumble Seats for added dimension and style.

9. Privacy screens

Stay focused in the office, create visual boundaries and define workspaces with privacy screens. Just choose the fabric and finish on your stanchion, and Bivi will do the rest.

10. Bivi’s Transaction Top

Keep your team nimble and agile with our Transaction Top. Designed to facilitate impromptu meetings and collaboration, this top will become the new office destination for group work and project updates.

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