19 Design Elements Spotted at Neocon

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Two weeks ago, NeoCon, the most recognized and attended trade show in the contract furniture industry, descended on Chicago. NeoCon showcases products, trends and innovative solutions for commercial interiors, generating thousands of visitors and incredible foot traffic in the city’s historic Merchandise Mart.

This year saw several design elements carried throughout the carpet, textile and furniture showrooms. These design elements support the bigger ideas we’ve been talking about at turnstone: bringing a sense of privacy to the open office, promoting different postures, providing multi-purpose spaces and planning for comfort in the workplace, to name a few.

But the question is, how do we continue supporting these big ideas? Here are 19 design elements that supported these trends:

  1. Surface materials like carpet and textiles that mimic the textural characteristics of nature
  2. Accessorizing collaborative furniture with pillows to make it look more inviting and comfortable
  3. Bold geometric and organic influences on glass and textile patterns of glass
  4. Seamless transitions of floor finishes that blend from one pattern to another
  5. Ability to use multiple colors for a chair or case work, delivering a customized look
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    New Bivi Desk by turnstone

  6. Open workstations with low, soft material panels
  7. Incorporation of adjustable height desks within a workstation pod
  8. Ability to plug and play anywhere
additional power outlets, charging stations, extra plugins

Thread by Steelcase

  • Multitude of collaborative furniture for big spaces
  • Digital prints and geometric patterns on acoustical wall panels
  • Collaborative furniture that can be put together to look like a single unit and broken apart when needed
  • Saw horse legs on freestanding furniture
  • Standing height with shallow depth tables that promote standing meetings or perching
  • Open space collaboration settings: flat screen, mobile furniture and full-height screens
  • Single use silos for heads down work
  • private workstations, privacy, open office, focus, concentration, quiet places

    Brody by Steelcase

  • Multi-purpose long tables
  • Random accent or contrasting colors in the midst of a neutral background
  • Sliding doors in private spaces
  • Strong residential, home-like vibe in workspaces. Think pendant lights, area rugs and soft, rounded edges.
  • What other trends and elements did you see at NeoCon?