20 Quick Tips to Get Organized at Work Infographic

2016-12-01T19:14:05+00:00April 16th, 2014|Productivity|

Productivity begins when you have the tools you need to do the task set before you. Rather than wasting time and energy looking for notes or tracking down an ink pen, keeping your space tidy sets you up to get right to work.

In honor of the timeless “spring cleaning” tradition, today we’re sharing this awesome infographic to help you get your space organized in ten minutes or less.

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andreadekkerAndrea Dekker is the simple living enthusiast behind the Andrea Dekker blog, business, and brand. She is passionate about simplifying every aspect of life in a way that makes sense for real people with real lives and real budgets. She lives her version of “simple” in a 125-year-old farmhouse with her husband, their 2 children, and an ever growing to-do list.