3 Benefits of Custom Furniture in the Workplace

2020-03-09T03:22:34+00:00November 2nd, 2017|Workplace Design, Product Solutions|

The office is changing, and with it, workspace culture. People want space and design to support more creative thinking. They want to work in environments that push boundaries and put personality front and center. Steelcase’s most recent 360 magazine, The Creative Shift, addresses how our craving for personal experiences and individuality is impacting office design. To support this need for creative thinking, many designers have turned to custom furniture.

So how exactly do personalized pieces benefit your office?

Establishing workplace culture.

Custom furniture allows you to design your office with your company’s values and brand in mind. A one-of-a-kind table provides a visual cue that tells the world what you value and how you want to be remembered. For example, a custom barn door top creates a warm, down-to-earth atmosphere, while a round marble top adds to an elegant, high-end office design. How you choose to decorate your space matters and sets the tone for how employees feel.

Creating a sense of belonging.

Incorporating furniture that embraces the preferences and personalities of workers signals to employees they are valued and accepted. Coalesse’s recent blog post on the impact of customization also states that custom pieces empower employees and result in more meaningful outcomes

Relationships in the office are integral for workers’ happiness and wellbeing. In Gallup’s “Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements,” the 30 percent of respondents who had best friends at work were seven times more likely to be engaged at their job than the ones who didn’t. Creating these professional relationships establishes a connected, healthy work environment built for success. Designing a space that supports these types of social interactions with intriguing accessories, furniture with stories behind them or tables to gather around promote sharing and office bonding. The end product is more valuable and authentic.

Encouraging thinking beyond the expected.

Customized furniture requires more involvement and thought by the people who buy it. It opens the door to inspiration and personalization. Steelcase’s 360 article, The Beauty of Choice, delves into how humans need personalized experiences to bring value into their lives. Custom furniture isn’t just a table or a chair — it’s an experience with the possibility to discover different expressions. Thoughtful pieces spark innovative thinking. Variety in colors, textures, and materials result in a creative office environment that pushes people to think and problem-solve in new ways.

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