3 Workplace Design Trends Perfect for Fall

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As summer nights start to cool down and the leaves begin to change colors, it’s a great time to switch things up at the office so your space stays fresh and your workers stay inspired. Here are three fall trends to help you update your office:

1. Choose a fall-worthy color palette

Warm earth tones will keep your office inviting as the temperature outside gets cooler. Use greys and browns to ground your space and then mix in subtle greens or reds to liven up your office. Our fall-favorite color? Turnstone design experts are crazy over taupe! It works well as a calming neutral and can be layered with different shades of brown.

2. Add comforting textures

Design a welcoming space to work in by incorporating different textures. Our design experts rave about crushed velvet, nubby materials and leather for this fall season. If you’re looking to update your office on a budget, add knit pillows, throw rugs or blankets to deliver materiality.

3. Create a curated look

Curated design for homes have long been in style, but with the desire for more residential office spaces increasing, people are looking for ways to bring this eclectic style to the workplace. In order to achieve this look while still maintaining a healthy balance of residential and commercial aesthetics, use these tips:

  • Focus on patterns — Add depth and intrigue by layering patterns. Just be careful about competing patterns; pair complex patterns with simple ones that have more white space. Using different scales of patterns will keep your space from getting too intense.
  • Choose similar furniture heights — Curated spaces often revolve around designing with different furniture styles, but make sure the size of your tables and seating don’t vary too much. This will keep your space balanced and work-friendly.
  • Include different finishes and materials — Design with a variety of finishes and materials to finalize your curated look.

For help to make sure your space is cohesive and ready for success, schedule a free call with one of turnstone’s design experts!

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