3 Keys to Startup Success

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A few weeks ago, the company I work for, Red Thread of Maine, was privileged to host Maine Startup and Create Week. A gathering of startups, entrepreneurs, Makers and innovators, the conference brought together some of the ecosystem’s brightest minds for a week of keynotes, breakouts and workshops designed to bring ideas and businesses to the next level of awesome.

As I wandered the floor alongside conference attendees, the messages I heard resonated loud and clear. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a dreamer chasing a big idea, here are three essentials to remember:

GO FOR IT. Success comes from having clear vision. Start by getting grounded in what you want, journal your desires and go for it. If you want to be fancy, call it strategic planning, but no matter what you call it, capture everything. Your future as an entrepreneur might emerge from taking the time to get some clarity around a good idea and then making a plan to go for it.

GET SOME SKIN IN THE (LOCAL) GAME. Want to get to know your community better?  Get involved in supporting small business—it’s a community of people that understand the concept of building each other up for the greater good.  The positive energy that comes from supporting one another is inspiring, energizing and a great example of what authentic engagement looks like.

USE FAILURE TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.  We often hold back fearing a lack of safety net,  but what if failure was viewed as an acceptable means of learning and growing? Instead of letting fear paralyze you or stall your next move, embrace each experience as a way to learn, gain skills and strategies, and ultimately, get you to where you dream of being.

Want to learn more? Check out Red Thread’s recap video here.

stephanie brock, red thread, steelcaseStephanie Brock is Business Director at Red Thread, a Steelcase owned dealership dedicated to delivering innovative environments that inspire people to excel wherever they work. She enjoys working with clients to create inspiring places to work, learn, heal and collaborating with new business owners to help them understand the impact that space can have on their business goals. Stephanie lives in South Portland with her daughter Ellie and dog Callie.  She is an experienced Yogi, avid runner, and craft beer maven.

3 Keys to Startup Success