3 Spring Office Styles to Try in Your Workspace

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Spring is almost here, can you believe it? Have you started making your Spring cleaning and “things you want to do” lists? Have you planned a Spring Break vacation? Don’t forget, your office is also due for a spring update! Here are 3 spring office styles to try in your workspace.


image via Smashing Magazine

1. Pastels

Pastels are a Spring classic and you can never go wrong with updating your space with this color palette. Wait — let me correct myself, because clearly the last thing you need is for your office or desk to look like an Easter egg. Pick ONE pastel color to update your workspace with and use it in small doses. Maybe the pillows on the couch or visitor chairs could use new covers. Or perhaps you want to swap out all your plain desk accessories for something with pastel colors. It could be as simple as replacing your desk chair with this baby blue Cobi chair from turnstone (so cute!). Just make sure that whatever you buy is something you’ll want to keep past this season.


2. Orchid-Pantone’s Color of the Year


My favorite color for a Spring update is this year’s Pantone color: Orchid. I think Orchid is a bit easier toincorporate than most, and if you have a more creative office space, the color will be recognizable by clients and staff alike. Small doses still apply here, but you can incorporate just a bit more of this color and even invest in some larger pieces to work into your space beyond spring. Need ideas? Check out my post on incorporating Orchid into your office space.

3. Clean + Simple 

Most of you will probably go for this 3 option. Its the easiest to implement and its great for those of you who are afraid of color. First, you’ll need to do a bit of cleaning, but clean and simple in my mind means Modern Zen.Take things off your desk and utilize a mobile cabinet storage unit to have a more clear and calm space. Freeing up this space will not only clear your work surface, but clear your mind as well. Visual clutter isn’t doing your work any favors and could be causing some “background stress”.