3 Ways to Design an Office With Limited Space

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Part of living in LA means paying top dollar for a small home or apartment. And while we find ways to make space for dinner parties, working from home without an office can prove challenging. So what do you do to maximize small spaces when square footage is limited and working from home is your only option? Here are a few tips:

Double duty furniture

With very few exceptions, every piece of furniture in your home and in your office should have more than one use. Your dinner table can easily moonlight as an office desk (or vice versa), and hopefully your comfy ottoman has some storage embedded in it. If you can be productive while sitting on your bed, try incorporating a side table with legs that can go under the frame to create a mini desk—then use it for lunch later!  More than anything, try to keep all surfaces clear while they’re not in use so they’re ready to go when you are.

Give up that closet

If you’ve pared down your wardrobe to the true essentials (which you should do anyway if you live in micro apartment), a rolling garment rack and a small dresser should suffice for your closet contents. Once you get that closet to its bare bones—that space is better off used as a closet office! Find a desk that fits the diameter of the closet or order a custom one if necessary. Consider which arrangement best fits your space and add in some small-scale storage options, a bit of décor and a chair, and just like that you’ve got yourself a pretty sweet makeshift office setup.

Wall desks are your friend

In small spaces, a room can quickly go from tidy to cluttered with the addition of just a couple furniture pieces. So make the most of what you have by installing a desk that installs directly on your wall. Ideally, choose a collapsable or floating wall-mounted desk that won’t take up more room than necessary with back legs, helping you maintain walking space while delivering a designated work area.

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