3 Ways to Infuse Blue in Your Office

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I love changing the color scheme of a workspace because it really makes a big difference in not only your mood, but it adds some variety to a sometimes boring office life. If you ever find yourself wanting to change your workspace but you’re not sure where to start, then start with color.

Why Blue?

Blue is one of the best colors to use in a workspace. Studies have shown that people are more productive in blue rooms and feelings of calm and focus help to make this color an office favorite. Remember that blue isn’t only one hue, there are several like sky blue, royal blue and navy blue just to name a few.


Thankfully the office furniture industry has changed and evolved over the years and now you can buy stylish + functional furniture in a variety of colors. Items like the campfire collection in Blue Jay are a great way to add that pop of blue without changing anything else in the office.
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I’m not trying to be super obvious here but yes paint. Painting your office is one of the easiest and most effective ways of adding color. It’s also pretty cost effective when you compare it to changing all the furniture in your office. Try different shades of blue and test out what color you love best on the wall first. When you’re done with the color simply pick a new shade or hue and move on.

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One of my favorite ways of adding blue is with accessories. A few blue lamps and other lighting fixtures make for great pops of color. Add a blue rug to instantly infuse some blue or try blue desk accessories if you’re looking to update your work area only.

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