5 Amazingly Non-Corporate Corporate Campuses

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Most of the time when we think of offices, images of the 6th floor of a high rise or a small standalone building fill our minds. And while that definition seems to fit for most company offices, there are a number of companies that have moved far beyond the simple small office and into the realm of the Corporate Campus.

I’ve had the opportunity to write several in-depth articles on the campuses of Pixar and Apple, but there are many other amazing campuses that are worth checking out. All of which seem wired for collaboration and creativity.

Today we’re looking at two fashion companies in Abercrombie and Fitch and Urban Outfitters; one animation company with Pixar; one technology company’s proposed campus in Apple; and the proposed campus of Facebook in Menlo Park.

Though there are many people working in these campuses, each have features that are specifically meant to encourage collaboration and random meetings across their staff.

In case you’re wondering how to think big in your small office, here are some thoughts:

  1. Be intentional about designing for collisions and unplanned collaboration – rather than using managerial force.
  2. Use the office space to remind employees why they work for the company.
  3. Make the office fun and a place employees want to work, rather than have to work.
  4. Allow employees to express themselves through their workspaces.


Apple’s proposed office is designed to house 10,000 employees and have a wonderful campus landscape plan that allows everyone to enjoy nature, while working for an incredibly forward-thinking company.


It is Pixar. The amazing output of this animation studio says enough about their creativity-inspiring campus design.

Urban Outfitters

The campus of Urban Outfitters was once a naval shipyard. It has since been transformed into an amazing source of collaboration and creativity.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie and Fitch has developed an epic campus that gives employees a variety of places to both work and play.


Facebook’s planned office space is one big room for engineers. The goal is to have massive amounts of buzz and collaboration.