5 Easy Ways to Personalize Your Cubicle

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Office cubicles. For decades, employees across various fields have worked inside these partially-walled spaces, sitting in L-shaped desks and peering over thin walls. Cubicles are a workplace staple, chosen sometimes for solidarity and uniformity, and other times for efficiency. They can be seen as grey, boring and inflexible to the needs of workers today, but in reality, there is a lot you can do to fill your small space with personality and style.

Here are five things you can do today to transform your cubicle:

Add some wall art

Bringing patterns and intricate designs to the walls of your cubicle through framed artwork or wallcoverings can help incite creative thinking — perfect for your mid-day slump! Decals are another option that easily peel on and off. They often feature motivational quotes or nature-inspired themes, so you can swap them out when it’s time for something new.

Use your counter space

Walls aren’t the only thing that can be decorative. Here at turnstone, we love placing small plants on desks and table tops. They bring life and freshness to spaces where there may not be a window or natural light. Succulents are a great choice because they’re allergy-friendly and don’t require much care. Infuse fun by adding small brain-puzzling games or items that you can fidget with when brainstorming.

Add different lighting options

Lighting has a big impact on the atmosphere, so adding a lamp with different settings or one with a heavier shade can add variety and warmth to your space. In addition to establishing a residential look, having another source of light in your cubicle gives eyes a break from the blue light of your computer screen. If you’re not by a window, try a full-spectrum light bulb that simulates natural light. Lighting is so important that Steelcase recently announced a relationship with renown Italian lighting company, Flos. Read more about their design aesthetic and our partnership here.

Layer in a rug

A rug can do wondrous things for simple spaces. Besides providing comfort, patterned rugs bring depth to spaces and elevate office design to another level. Select accessories that match the colors accented in your rug for a cohesive and satisfying design.

Create the perfect color palette

Establishing a theme for your design will create the ambiance you work in every day. Choosing neutral tones with hints of green will create a relaxed and rejuvenating area while blending shades of warmer colors brighten up spaces and energize us.

Not sure where to start? Take a look at some of the fall trends our design experts love or schedule a call with one of our experts for free help with your space.


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