5 Must-Haves for an Employee Café

2018-11-01T13:50:05+00:00November 1st, 2018|Workplace Design|

Taking short breaks at work is beneficial for improving productivity, and office cafés invite employees to take those breaks as desired. A cafe serves as a central meeting spot and gives people an incentive to move throughout the day. They’re also excellent for encouraging socialization in the workplace. If you’re starting to plan your office café, here are five things to consider including.

Alt Text: A person stands at a Campfire Big Table in an office cafe. The cafe also has a Simple Standing Table, Scoop Stools, and a Campfire Big Lamp.A person takes a break to read in an office café while standing at a Campfire Big Table. Pictured with Scoop Stools, a Simple Standing Table, and a Campfire Big Lamp.

Standing-Height Tables

Taking breaks from our work to stand, walk, and stretch is not only great for wellness, it helps improve productivity and promote creative thinking. Include some standing-height tables in your café to encourage movement and healthy changes in posture. Campfire Big Tables are excellent for cafés and large enough to accommodate groups of people, while Simple Standing Tables support individuals who want to have one-on-one conversations.

A Bassline table sits next to a blue Bivi Rumble Seat.A Bassline Table sits next to a Bivi Rumble Seat sofa in an office café.

Occasional Tables

When it’s time to take your break, you need a place to set your coffee, snack, laptop or bag. Don’t forget to add coffee tables and end tables to your office cafe to ensure everyone has the surface they need. Jenny Coffee Tables, Bassline Standard Tables, and Jenny End Tables are all perfect for employee break rooms.

Alt Text: Workers take breaks in an office cafe decorated with Campfire Big Lounge seating, Campfire Slim Tables, Alight Ottomans, Campfire Big Lamps, and Simple Standing Tables.This café features a wide range of seating, including Campfire Big Lounge Sofas, Alight Ottomans, and Scoop Stools. Pictured with Simple Standing Tables, Campfire Slim Tables, and Campfire Big Lamps.


No café would be complete without comfortable seating. Having sofas in your break area creates the atmosphere of a neighborhood coffee shop. They invite people to relax, get comfortable, take a break from their desks and naturally invite socialization in the workplace. Campfire Big Lounge seating and Bivi Rumble Seats are popular choices for cafés, lounges, and any other area around the office that needs a more laid-back atmosphere.

Colorful Shortcut X Base Chairs from Turnstone in use in an office cafe.Shortcut X Base chairs add a touch of color to an office café.

Flexible Seating Options

Cafés see a lot of activity, so it’s important to include furniture that can easily adapt. As you plan your café, look for lightweight seating options that are easy to pick up and move around to accommodate groups of different sizes. Shortcut X Base chairs and Scoop stools are favorites of our design team. Ottomans, such as Alight Ottomans or Campfire Ottomans, are also great to have around for impromptu seating.

A woman sits on Campfire Lounge Seating and uses a Campfire Footrest, next to Campfire Slim Tables.Campfire Footrests are a perfect match for Campfire Lounge Seating, making it easy to relax and get comfortable.


Nothing says “relaxing” quite like being able to put your feet up. Including footrests, like Campfire Footrests, in your café helps put people at ease and encourages changes in posture. After doing focused work at your desk, time in the café with a coffee, snack and your feet up can recharge your mental batteries so you can be more productive.

Make the most of your break room. Browse our full collection of Turnstone products to find more inspiration for your office café or contact us to schedule a call with our design team. Once our design team learns more about your space, they’ll be able to create a customized plan for you.