5 Reasons You Need Buoy in Your Office

2018-08-13T14:49:40+00:00August 13th, 2018|Product Solutions|

When it comes to seating for an office or classroom, there are a lot of options to choose from. But if you’re looking for something a little different from a traditional chair or stool, a Turnstone Buoy might be just what you’re looking for. Whether you need a desk chair or seating for a lounge or collaborative space, Buoy is versatile enough to be used just about anywhere. It also offers a lot of other great benefits. Intrigued? Here are five reasons why you should consider Buoy.

Active sitting is good for you.

A significant part of our lives is spent sitting still, whether it’s at work or at school. But in recent years, there has been a lot of research around the health risks of spending too much time sitting still, and active seating options, like the Buoy, help combat those negative effects and make offices and classrooms healthier places.

Buoy is designed to help you keep moving while working in place. Its curved base engages your core muscles and leg muscles as they work to maintain your balance and support you as you change positions throughout the day. Changing your chair or stool might not seem like a big change, but you may be pleasantly surprised by how much stronger you feel and notice a difference in your posture after spending some time with Buoy.

They can match any decor.

As you’re trying to create a space, it’s extremely frustrating to find a piece of furniture that you really like, only to realize it isn’t available in a color that works with your decor. But that’s definitely not a problem you’ll have with Buoy. Buoy is highly customizable, with several base colors to choose from and hundreds of upholstery options for the cap.With so many ways to make it your own, Buoy is a perfect fit for any space.

You can take it with you.

If you really like your Buoy, you can take it with you as you move throughout the day. Weighing just 20 pounds, Buoy is lightweight enough to bring with you if you need to head to a co-worker’s desk for a quick chat or need to get together with a group of people to collaborate. Since it’s so easy to move, Buoy is an excellent option for classrooms that frequently need to be rearranged.

It’s easy to adjust.

A lot of traditional desk chairs have so many different adjustment mechanisms that trying to get it adjusted just right can take some time. But Buoy can be adjusted with one simple lever and its height can be adjusted up to five-and-a-half inches, making a great fit for many different people.

It’s designed with sustainability in mind.

Products that are good for people should be good for the planet as well. Sustainability was a major factor we took into consideration while designing the Buoy and we took steps to make sure it could be produced with as little environmental impact as possible. The Buoy is produced with VOC-free manufacturing methods and created with up to 5% recycled content, up to 87% of its materials are recyclable.

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