5 Shared-Interest Communities Disrupting the Coworking World

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Coworking spaces, incubators and accelerators continue to sprout up in record numbers across the U.S., shifting the conversation about where and how work happens. And while entrepreneurs flock in droves, they’re increasingly motivated by much more than gorgeous facilities packed with perks like free coffee and organic snacks. They’re desperate to learn from others in their industry and are looking for game-changing connections—so they’re shacking up with the competition to get the help they need.

Scratching this itch is a new breed of coworking spaces designed specifically around shared interests and common industries. Shared interest communities are changing the landscape of coworking by offering incredible range and diversity. And innovative teams looking to come together to expand reach, borrow technology, and leverage relationships and expertise are only asking for more.

This is a real trend, and nowhere are we seeing this kind of concentrated gathering of ideas as in Colorado’s Front Range. With an ex-entrepreneur at the gubernatorial helm, the cost of living a fraction of that on the West Coast, and wind energy, cannabis and green companies surging ahead with unprecedented speed, it’s no surprise that the leaders in shared interest communities all claim Colorado area codes. The real question is not whether it’s happening now—but whether it will continue to shape coworking in the future.

Telluride Legal Tech Incubator, Telluride, CO

Someone recently said, “The legal industry is where the travel industry was 20 years ago.” In short, there’s no automation and everything is very people-dependent. Despite these seeming hurdles, the legal world still boasts among the highest salaries of any industry. These factors predispose the legal world to a tech disruption, and the Telluride Legal Tech Incubator is positioning itself to lead the way.

Battery621, Denver, CO

Colorado and its vast mountain paradise is also home to one group rocking the outdoor industry and turning workplace expectations upside-down. Battery621 boasts a rooftop patio and, simply stated, is in the business of “fun.” In addition to the great things already happening there, its founders recently announced a new project called Stride, dedicated to digital health.

Green Labs, Denver, CO

The legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado has opened untold opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors ready to grab market share. But Green Labs does more than provide grow houses; it is a space for all startups in this sector — from tech to retail — to collide, offering an array of business services to its members and making it easy for them to share resources and collaborate.

Greenspace, Denver, CO

Greenspace connects the dots between environmentalists in all segments of the market. Not only do they provide great programming, they also regularly host speakers and evening events that resonate with their clientele, furthering the connections being made in the space.


unnamedThis post was written in partnership with Jeff Joerling, a Denver resident and turnstone’s content expert in coworking, accelerators and incubators. Jeff was instrumental in the formation of LExC, and has worked all over North America fostering collaborative, energetic communities that foster creativity and rapid growth.

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