5 Simple Creativity Hacks to Get You Inspired

2017-10-31T21:38:58+00:00October 31st, 2017|Productivity|

The nature of work is shifting: Companies want employees who see the world differently —  people who look at a piece of paper and see a movement, a change, an idea. Employers are putting more emphasis on creativity. According to Steelcase research, 83% of workers are asked to be creative at work either weekly or daily. Workers today are expected to tame the unpredictable roads of creative thinking and discover innovation. Unfortunately, there are bound to be obstacles along the way. We’ve all experienced them.

So how do you find inspiration to get creative and stay productive? Here are some tips:

Give yourself time to write

Purge all your ideas, good and bad. Let your stream of consciousness flow and your mind roam without any judgment. Brainwriting, a term coined by UT Arlington professor Paul Paulus, is the process of generating ideas by yourself before a meeting and then sharing and discussing them with a group. This system allows for a more balanced and efficient discussion and can lead to 42% more original ideas in comparison to traditional team brainstorming meetings. By the end, your mind will be warmed up, you’ll have a clean slate to work with, and your brainstorming may just produce the start of a winning idea.

Increase movement and nourish your body

Give your body the break it needs; mental breathers are proven to increase productivity and boost creativity. Sometimes putting too much pressure to think of something great can get in the way of success. Movement can increase blood flow and promote positive thinking, which is good for employee wellbeing and great for creativity in the workplace. Go on short walks during breaks and try an active seating option, like turnstone’s Buoy. Also, make sure you have the energy to create. If you’re running on low fuel, eat some fruit — the sugar can give you the energy boost you need without the crash that comes with junk food.

Decorate your workspace

Surround yourself with inspiration. Give your eyes a place to roam when you’re thinking. Patterned art or fabrics stimulate your mind and can spark a new idea; people you admire can push you to work harder; places you love can bring you to a new mindset. Have objects around to play with as you brainstorm, like a puzzle cube or stress ball.

Change your scenery

Defamiliarize yourself and find a new workspace. Try a standing desk or a lounge chair in a new room and allow yourself to explore and change up your posture. New spaces can trigger your mind to think in a new and different way.

Embrace silence

Creative thinking requires time and concentration, two things increasingly hard to find in the corporate world. With all the distractions in work environments, finding some time for quiet reflection is integral in strengthening our minds. So when you do find respite from disruptions, use that silence to its full potential.

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