5 Simple Ways to Fight the Winter Blues in the Office

2017-11-08T23:10:38+00:00November 8th, 2017|Workplace Design, Wellbeing|

Winter brings a lot of change outside, but it also places additional stress on workers inside. Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as “the winter blues,” impacts people everywhere as the days get shorter and we spend more time indoors. Workers are more likely to feel tired, unproductive and unfulfilled during the winter months.

To combat the physical and mental challenges employees face in winter, update your office to help them adjust and stay healthy and happy. Here are some tips:

Add more storage

Places impacted by snowstorms and chilly weather result in bulkier coats, heavier shoes and thicker accessories. Make sure to provide ample storage for workers to keep their items safe and dry.

Tip: Add a rubber placemat by storage cabinets or coat racks, so that the melting snow doesn’t damage your floors, and employees can have a place to put their boots.

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Stay active

Consistent exercise has numerous benefits, including mood-boosters like endorphins. Often times, though, our motivation to get active during the winter months feels depleted, and it becomes harder to push ourselves to exercise. Offering walkstations in the office allows for workers to make time to stretch muscles and get some light cardio. These treadmill-desk hybrids aren’t designed for vigorous exercise, but even a slow walk can lead to improvements in strengthening bones and muscles and improving balance and coordination!

Choose natural light

Winter days are shorter and cloudier, and the lack of Vitamin D can cause an increase in susceptibility to illnesses, fatigue and depression. Providing warm, natural lights can stimulate the sun’s healing rays and help employees feel more comfortable at work. Light therapy is a great way to treat SAD, and there are many lamp products that promote wellbeing. If you need help implementing natural light into your office, read our blog post on choosing the right light for your office.

Update your office design

Hanging up colorful artwork or accessories establishes a refreshing and inspirational space that supports creative thinking. Colors like green and red have psychological benefits that help you be in the right state of mind to work. Avoid grey, dull spaces and try working in warm, colorful areas with cozy elements like lounge seating.

Keep an eye on the office thermostat

Workers who are comfortable are more likely to be happy with their workplace which helps with employee retention and productivity. Temperature plays an integral role in our behaviors and moods, so pay attention to how people react in the office — simply dialing it up or down can make a big difference.

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