7 Features Your Office is Dying to Have

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Let’s face it: your office is in a right state of disarray and likely due for an upgrade. We all know about desks and chairs and cubicles and tables, but your office seems like it might need a bit more help than just updating the standard set of parts to the latest model. I know, I can see it behind you. What your office needs is a whole new set of parts to help complement those tried and true staples.

Here are 7 features your office is dying to have:


Yurts are basically small meeting spaces in an open office environment which are enclosed with a roof to give visual and audial privacy, something being identified by many as a growing need in today’s open offices. Inspired by the homes of certain Central Asian people groups, they’re often round and portable. If you’re thinking, “But that’s a room within a room,” then you’re exactly right.

Restaurant Lounge Seating

Restaurant lounge seating, or work cafés, are a great addition to your office whether it be in a formal cafeteria, break area or workspace. These new zones are meant to be multipurpose in nature, as they allow for quick meetings, a nice lunch spot or a space to spread out some papers away from your desk. One of the benefits of this feature is that it is something everyone is familiar with and already knows how to interact with. Your job, especially if you’re in leadership, is simply to use this space and set the precedent that work can happen in cafés, too.

This 1-minute Steelcase video exhibits the power of well-designed café spaces:

Brainstorm Zones

Brainstorm rooms should be a must-add to any office space because they can be used to think through problems visually. Typically, these types of rooms have ample space to write notes and quickly update—usually with adjustable whiteboards. Brainstorm rooms are also meant to allow everyone to participate without a central leader being the sole owner of the whiteboard marker.


Tiered Seating

We’ve talked so much about tiered seating before because it really is a feature many offices could benefit from. Rather than wasting space along the walls or dilly-dallying moving chairs, you can add 2-3 rows of tiered seating in a meeting room to give everyone a nice vantage of what is going on.

Bicycle Storage

Many workers are choosing to commute to work on their bicycles which is a nice way to improve fitness and reduce the number of cars on the road. Some companies like Apple, Yelp, and Google offer bicycle storage areas in their office facilities as a way to encourage staff to choose bicycle transportation. In addition to simply adding a place for storage, many companies have even gone the extra step to add a place to change and shower to help staff not worry about sweating their way into their first morning meeting.


Wondering how you can create a bicycle culture at work? Read about Orbea, a company paving the way for cyclists to live their passion (pictured below).


Wall Graphics and Art

Wall graphics are an excellent way to add some color, flair, and branding into your office. Art is also a nice way to decorate the office and help set the tone for the office. Some companies even commission local artists to create original are pieces for their offices which can include the growing form of street art.

Green Walls, Indoor Plants, Trees

You don’t want to be the last person to jump on the fresh air train offered by in-office plants. Beyond the health benefits of having greenery in your office, they also freshen the look of your design by bringing in a healthy, vibrant green color.