9 Simple Ways to Encourage Collaboration

2018-05-11T17:56:33+00:00October 6th, 2015|Productivity|

We all know that collaboration happens when two or more people get together to generate creative solutions, meet a goal or solve a problem. Companies encourage collaboration because it leads to innovation, produces bigger ideas and often more creative solutions—but do we know how to encourage collaboration?

Start with a great workplace that integrates different types of zones for different tasks: quiet, private, fun and group/collaborative. Then, once you’ve strategically mapped your space with a professional, follow these nine rules to power up the impact of a great workplace:

  1. Sit with your team. Your presence helps build trusting relationships which leads to a boost in collaboration.
  2. Provide a round table with pull up seats or ottomans placed near your workstation for quick, impromtu meetings. The idea is that these do not have to be reserved—they’re for everyone to share.
  3. If you need room for extensive files, arrange cabinets back-to-back to create a common top. This added surface area is perfect for standing meetings or as an informal gathering space.
  4. Make sure tools such as easels and writable surfaces are readily available for brainstorms and strategic planning.
  5. Create dedicated project spaces where ideas can remain on display and prototypes can be tested and evaluated.
  6. Save time and eliminate wandering-in-search-of-a-room by creating semi-open conference rooms within close proximity to workstations.
  7. Equip open spaces with plug-and-play capabilities for digital note taking and presenting.
  8. Define collaboration areas with special colors and distinctive branding.
  9. Add lighting or varied ceiling heights to define collaboration spaces. Adding a Campfire Big Lamp is an easy way to create the illusion of a cozy space while adding soft, diffused light.

What tactics have you used to make it easy for your team to collaborate in the office? Share with us on twitter: @myturnstone.