9 Simple Ways to Update your Office

2016-12-01T19:13:47+00:00December 1st, 2015|Workplace Design|

You work in your office every day—but is your office really working for you? As the calendar year draws to a close, it’s a good time to reevaluate your productivity levels, personal wellbeing and office culture, and make adjustments where necessary.

A key component to boosting productivity, impacting culture and improving wellbeing includes updating your workplace. Your space matters, and has a direct impact on employee engagement, how you move through your day and how you’re able to collaborate with others. Would the simple addition of an a new table encourage more team meetings? Or would the installation of a phone booth could cut down on distractions for others?

Remember that updating your workplace doesn’t have to involve a full renovation. Here are 9 quick ways to update your space without all the dust:

  1. Refresh your space with a new coat of paint to put your company’s personality on display. Use accent accent colors on feature walls to tie in with branding.
  2. Revitalize your company branding with modernized graphics. Make sure your logo is displayed somewhere prominent, tying colors together within the space and signaling who you are to clients and guests.
  3. Replace old decorative light pendants with contemporary fixtures. Pendants make a great focal point in a space, especially over large tables.
  4. Incorporate freestanding or mobile collaborative furniture. Brighter colors, textures, fabrics and prints liven the workplace. The new look will energize your team and signal to new talent that you’re serious about creating a culture of fun and whimsy.
  5. Keep up to date with new presentation tools, software and new means of collaboration through technology. Not only does this make sharing information easier, your team will enjoy the kind of business agility that impacts the bottom line.
  6. If visual privacy in conference rooms is an issue, apply graphic films on the glass walls to create an opaque appearance.
  7. If carpet sprawls across much of your space, updating it can make a great impact on rejuvenating your office. Be sure to balance your color selection of grays and bright accent colors to liven and define spaces, or consider polished cement or wood floors for an updated, urban feel.
  8. Add features such as back-painted glass as marker boards and mobile screens to encourage collaboration. Make sure that you also provide working markers and erasers so that brainstorming isn’t stymied.
  9. Evaluate your lighting. Lighting affects productivity and enhances the architecture of the space. Inadequate lighting and glare can hurt your staff and reduce productivity. Don’t forget to also evaluate your ambient lighting to see if you have the right lamps, and add task lighting as you see fit.

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