How to Add Lounge Furniture to Your Office

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As the editor of Office Snapshots since 2007, and blogger for turnstone since 2011, one of the fun aspects of my work has been seeing the proliferation of turnstone’s products, most often their Bivi and Campfire lines, in many office design projects published over the years.

Bivi is a straight forward, easy to use and easy to assemble desking system. Its modularity makes it appealing, as it can be added to or reduced in size as your space changes. It also has some pretty cool accessories like the Board Rack and Bike Hook that allow you to bring your passions to work and put them on display.

Campfire is turnstone’s lounge furniture line and is incredibly versatile in terms of what types of settings it can be used for: as a space for privacy, for collaboration, or for relaxation.


Lounge For Privacy

Because Campfire’s set of parts includes seating and privacy screens, it not only serves as a place for users to sit comfortably, but offers visual privacy for those meeting. For solo Campfire users, the ability to set it up with privacy in mind helps offer some separation in today’s open office environments.


Lounge For Collaboration

Collaboration is something many companies are concerned with and Campfire works well as a seating area for multiple users working together on the same task. When seats are gathered around Paper Table, meeting comes naturally—the way it would if you were around a real campfire. The table also doubles as a notepad for participants to brainstorm or doodle ideas.

In addition to the seated collaboration opportunities, the Big Table helps people stand up around a central table naturally, like they do around the kitchen island at home.


Lounge For Relaxing

Most offices are build for maximizing productivity and minimizing and sense of down time for relaxation. But did you know that recent data shows that 32% of 18-34 year olds prefer working in lounge postures during their workday? Campfire’s comfortable lounges give people a plush space to tackle projects, collaborate, or rest when taking a short break from their workstations. Add a few pillows and Footrest, and staff can take a quick 15-minute breather to help charge them up for the rest of the day.

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