How to Add Color to Your Paper Files

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I save so much time, energy, money, and stress by keeping my paper documents neat and organized — and it’s really not all that difficult to do.

Bills, paperwork, project information, magazines, mail, newspapers, etc. there are plenty of organizing products for all these different types of paperwork. However, if you’re looking to liven up your office space this spring and add a few pops of color, your filing system might just be the place to start.

Not only is it relatively inexpensive to purchase a few new filing supplies, it’s also a super simple way to add color to your office (and get more organized in the process!)

Here are a few of my favorite brightly colored paper organizing tools.

Banker’s Boxes:

These colorful Banker’s Boxes are the perfect solution for any paper documents you might not want sitting out in the open.


Not only do the boxes look fabulous sitting on an office shelf, they also stack wonderfully, have an easy-to-read label on the front, and conveniently hold letter-size hanging files. Use one box for each of your projects and easily carry it with you wherever you go.

File Folders: 

File folders are my most-used tools when it comes to paper organization. They are extremely affordable, readily available at all office supply stores, and best of all, they come in a fabulous variety of sizes and colors.

Here are some of my favorites:


1. Pendaflex File Folders: Not only are these folders super sturdy (and colorful!) they also have a pocket inside that’s perfect for CD’s, flash drives, credit cards, receipts, or any other smaller pieces of information you don’t want to get lost in the shuffle.

2. Smeed File Folders: These colorful file folders from Smeed are heavy duty with reinforced tabs so they should withstand even your toughest jobs. They come in multi-colored or single-colored packs so you can customize them to fit your filing needs.

3. Smeed Brites Hanging Folders: Hanging folders are my all-time most favorite paper organizing tool — and if you use a traditional filing cabinet, banker’s box, milk crate, or any other “standing file system, you’ll need hanging folders to keep things neat and orderly. These hanging folders are the most colorful option I’ve come across and would be a fabulous way to bring color into your office.

4. Colorful Plastic File Tabs: Of course you can’t use hanging folders without the plastic tabs (at least I can’t) — so why not use different colors to liven things up a bit. Since these tabs are so easy to remove, reposition, or replace, this is a great way to add non-permanent color to your filing cabinet.

Accordion Folders:

If you’re always on-the-go, or if you have large project files that are frequently passed between offices throughout the day, I’d definitely consider investing in a bulk order of these Semikolon Accordion file folders.

Not only will they securely house all the papers, documents, and “extras” for your project, they also come in 12 super bright colors so you can use specific colors for different types of projects or clients.


Magazine Holders:

I’m a sucker for neatly organized magazines, newspapers, manuals, newsletters, etc. and what better way to organize them than with these brightly colored (and extremely inexpensive) Magazine Organizers from Whitmor. They’re heavy-duty plastic with chrome name-plates for easy labeling.


Labels + Accessories:

No good filing system is complete without labels — so why  not spring for brightly colored labels… and then use these multi-colored fine-point Sharpies to clearly mark the contents of each file, folder, box, etc. I have at least 3 sets of these Sharpies — they’re perfect for any quick labeling project!




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