Asymmetrical Interior Design in the Workplace

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Symmetry is one of the basic building blocks of interior design. Whether you’re talking about designing a home or a workplace, symmetry creates a visual balance that people instinctively look for. It conveys a sense of familiarity and harmony. However, that doesn’t mean asymmetry has no place in interior design. In fact, asymmetrical interior design can be a great way to bring visual interest to your space. 

When you think about your company’s brand personality, how would you describe it? If words like “casual” and “informal” come to mind, asymmetrical interior design can help you create the atmosphere you’re looking for. When spaces are designed to be symmetrical so that both sides are mirror images of each other, it can give off a more traditional vibe. On the other hand, asymmetrical designs can feel more relaxed while still looking polished and stylish.

An office lounge featuring a variety of seating and tables from Turnstone's Campfire Collection.

Successful asymmetrical design is all about creating visual balance. Take the lounge pictured here as an example. While it’s not perfectly symmetrical, it still looks balanced. The two Campfire Slim Tables and Campfire Ottomans by the wall even out the area across from the Campfire Half Lounges. The wall-mounted whiteboard also adds visual weight to the space opposite the Campfire Big Lamp

Two women sit on a Campfire Lounge System with a variety of table styles and an orange ottoman nearby.

This lounge is another example of how to add visual balance to an asymmetrical layout. The Campfire Wedge and Bassline Asymmetrical Table add weight to both sides of the Campfire Lounge System while the plants and Campfire Ottoman add weight to the space opposite the Campfire Big Lamp. 

Two grey asymmetrical tables on top of a rug with geometric patterns in blue and off-white colors
Asymmetry can also be an effective way to create a focal point in a room. For instance, choosing an asymmetrical table instead of a square or rectangular table instantly adds a unique look to a room. The unusual shape of a single asymmetrical table stands out on its own, or you may be able to combine multiple asymmetrical tables to create a configuration that will naturally catch the eye of everyone who enters the space.

Animated GIF showing various configurations of Bassline Asymmetrical Tables.

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