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What Carla likes most about interior design is having the opportunity to create spaces that speaks the company's brand, and improve their workflow. She loves reading about workplace trends, color psychology and keeps abreast with the latest furniture introductions and how it supports the workplace.

4 Sure-Fire Ways to Build a Progressive Workplace

In the workplace, some furniture is designed to make your office functional. A desk, ergonomic office chair and conference room are typical components of a typical office. Just bring your computer and you're in business, right? But typical spaces don [...]

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Nature in the Workplace: 6 Ways To Do It Well

Bringing nature into the workplace is not only a beautiful design element, but has been shown to reduce stress, minimize illness and enhance employee wellbeing. Whether your workplace has green spaces inside or access to green spaces outside, the imp [...]

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How to Design a Killer Game Room in the Office

Entrepreneurs set on grabbing top talent and injecting their company with startup culture often start by creating spaces to have fun with their teams. They want to create a workplace that projects a sense of passion and puts their personality on disp [...]

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7 Easy Ways to Create New Gathering Spaces in the Office

Just as changing seasons motivate us to change our furniture arrangements at home, our workplace routines, floor plans and layouts often have to change, too. Multi-generational considerations, the pressure to innovate, and the need to attract and ret [...]

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8 Ways to Increase Wellbeing at the Office

Though ergonomics and sustainability have long been influencing workplace design, wellbeing is the most recent consideration making headlines when planning your space. Wellbeing is a holistic design focusing on the user, aiming to encourage healthy l [...]

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BOX Studios Talks Office Culture and the Road to Success

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Ferdinand Dimailig, Principal of BOX Studios Chicago, at their new downtown office location. With close to 25 years of experience and as co-leader of a rapidly expanding studio, he knows a thing or two about off [...]

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