About Carla Turk

What Carla likes most about interior design is having the opportunity to create spaces that speaks the company's brand, and improve their workflow. She loves reading about workplace trends, color psychology and keeps abreast with the latest furniture introductions and how it supports the workplace.

Unleash the Power of Your Break Room

November gave us Thanksgiving with its turkey leftovers and a side dish of shopping receipts. However, December gives us something much more: an office filled with holiday sweets of bagels, cookies and fruit baskets piling up in your break room. Slow [...]

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Is Benching for Me?

I remember having a discussion about selecting lounge seats for a reception area. For example, if you purchase a 3-seater sofa, chances are no one will sit in the middle. Almost everyone sits at each end, and if that end is taken, you can either stan [...]

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Whiteboards for Any Office Environment

Whiteboards are great for collaborating, promoting creativity, and brainstorming with your team. They are easy to incorporate into your office. From large scale walls to small boards, it is possible for any size space to utilize whiteboards for a wid [...]

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