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What Carla likes most about interior design is having the opportunity to create spaces that speaks the company's brand, and improve their workflow. She loves reading about workplace trends, color psychology and keeps abreast with the latest furniture introductions and how it supports the workplace.

What Is Your Color Mood?

White walls, grey carpet, white ceiling acoustical tiles and metallic grey cubicle panels and black tasks chairs, sounds like someone's office? Imagine if you can transform it into something that reflects your team culture, now that is truly inspirin [...]

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Preparing to Be Productive

For those of you who are continually striving to be more efficient, get more done in less time, and make the most out of your time each day, you know all too well that productivity is hard work!  It's takes constant focus and effort -- and even still [...]

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Fail Smart: An Interview with Rhonda Kallman

“Being an innovator and trying to make a light beer for craft beer drinkers was an oxymoron” –Rhonda Kallman Rhonda Kallman is one of the original co-founders of Boston Beer Company, which is famous for Sam Adams beer. After working with Jim Koch to [...]

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6 Coffee Makers for Your Office

Nothing says productivity like injecting your employees with liquid caffeine. Coffee is the obvious favorite for office workers because it is easily accessible. Not all office coffee is terrible, the right machine will make a deliciously addicting dr [...]

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Improve Communication Through Office Design

There are plenty of hurdles that a company has to deal with on a daily basis. Chances are, you deal with hard to please clients or fickle customers.  But communication goes beyond those that benefit from your services and/or product. One area that is [...]

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Selecting the Right Chairs for Your Office

Chair selection is one of the many tasks a design team has to accomplish. It is selecting the right chair at the right price point, purpose and comfort while ensuring that it complements the overall interior design. I have been involved with this pro [...]

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Whiteboards for Any Office Environment

Whiteboards are great for collaborating, promoting creativity, and brainstorming with your team. They are easy to incorporate into your office. From large scale walls to small boards, it is possible for any size space to utilize whiteboards for a wid [...]

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Pets in the Office

Here is Ace the Sheltie, with a big heart and a lot of fur. He is my office companion (my office is my living room most days). My workspace may not be a typical one, even though mobile work is increasing day by day. But you don’t have to work at home [...]

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