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What Carla likes most about interior design is having the opportunity to create spaces that speaks the company's brand, and improve their workflow. She loves reading about workplace trends, color psychology and keeps abreast with the latest furniture introductions and how it supports the workplace.

Coworking Spaces: What You Can Expect

Coworking is redefining how we work. A community of support has proven invaluable for startups to grow and flourish. Coworking office spaces like Grind in New York City, RocketSpace in San Francisco, and WorkBar in Boston, are popular choices for sta [...]

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Program Your Office To The Changing Workplace

Have you ever wondered why an office space is designed the way it is? Some are filled with endless clusters of workstations while others are open and casual.  With the many offices I’ve visited, I started to wonder why the workstations and common spa [...]

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Company Field-Trips for Adults

Remember the days in school when it was a huge treat to have class outside? And field trips were exciting, because it meant leaving the classroom? The same idea can apply to adults, even in a fast-paced business world. Dealing with lack of productivi [...]

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The Mobile Worker: Infographic

Worker mobility has been in the news a lot, so this isn’t the first time you are hearing about the mobile worker. One interesting this to not is the rate at which mobility is increasing, and this prediction that 34.9% of the Global workforce will be [...]

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Grind Collaborative Workspace NYC

The term “coworking” has been thrown around quite a bit in recent times, especially in New York. Benjamin Dyett, co-founder of Grind prefers “collaborative workspace”.  Partners Karina Warshaw, Stuart Warshaw, and Benjamin Dyett set out to create a d [...]

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Branding Your Office

Branding yourself goes beyond having nice font on your letterhead. It is a reflection of your company values and mission, described in a visual way. Much like the McDonalds logo is recognizable by itself, your brand also has to be recognized easily. [...]

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5 Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

There is the old saying, you are either meant to be a leader or a follower. Whether you believe this is true or not, there are similarities in the traits that powerful leaders possess. These characteristics help shape new companies, change the status [...]

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Cool Space: Advertising Giant Grey Group

Across the street from the famous Flatiron building in New York City is the new advertising home for Grey Global Group. Facing Madison Square Park at 200 5th Avenue, the internationally known agency is thriving in an LEED Gold certified building, com [...]

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How To: Make Cork Terrariums

While researching and writing this article on how to add green space to your office I fell in love with the Cork Succulent garden. Great texture, original idea and seemingly easy. You'll need: Corks, clippings of your favorite succulents (I have hens [...]

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