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Jane Graham types away as turnstone’s brand writer and social media gal. The pen behind a 2010 best-selling book and experienced ghostwriter, Jane’s voice has powered articles featured on Entrepreneur.com, Yahoo! Small Business and elsewhere.

Why Free Food Isn’t Really About Food at All

Entrepreneurs looking to foster startup culture know a thing or two about great perks like free food. Hoping their "if you build it, they will come" attitude will draw talented rock stars, they splurge on organic treats and beer on tap. But much like [...]

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Want Engaged Employees? 9 Things to Measure in the Office

Disengagement in the workplace, and the $415 billion dollars it costs the global economy each year, has become an outright epidemic. According to "360 Steelcase Global Report: Engagement and the Global Workplace," 37% of employees worldwide are highl [...]

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5 Shared-Interest Communities Disrupting the Coworking World

Coworking spaces, incubators and accelerators continue to sprout up in record numbers across the U.S., shifting the conversation about where and how work happens. And while entrepreneurs flock in droves, they’re increasingly motivated by much more th [...]

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Founder Focus: Venture Capitalist, Brenda Irwin, Part 2

Yesterday we shared part 1 of a fascinating conversation with Brenda Irwin, venture capitalist and cycling enthusiast. Today we'll learn more about her tips for wellbeing, technology and wearable solutions, and the best advice she ignored along the w [...]

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Office Zones: 4 Ways to be More Productive at Work

One thing’s for certain: the way we work is changing, which mean offices are changing along with it. Technology has untethered us, making it easy to open a laptop or swipe a phone from virtually anywhere. Three-piece suits have given way to jeans and [...]

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Founder Focus: Career Reinventor, Joyce Sullivan: Part 2

Earlier this week we shared Joyce Sullivan's story as a career reinventor. After hearing her story, I asked some questions about reinvention and her work with others seeking a new career beginning. Not only did she answer them, she explained in detai [...]

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How to Give Your Office Killer Personality in 5 Steps

Designing a collaborative office space packed with personality can feel like a daunting task—especially when it means convincing stakeholders that your workplace needs an update. But the connection between an engaging, creative workplace and a thrivi [...]

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8 Fun Activities to Energize Startup Culture

Energizing a sense of startup culture might take more than a ping pong table in the office or a periodic potluck, but every small step matters if you're looking to shape the way people think and feel about their workplace. And statistics show that th [...]

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5 Ways to Boost Startup Culture + Engagement in the Office

Culture has long made headlines as the "it" factor for increasing engagement in the office and helping to attract and retain the brightest young minds and hottest talent in the field. But nailing down exactly what engagement and culture should look l [...]

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Introducing Kelly Hoey: Strategist + Turnstone Blogger

We're pleased to announce the addition of a new blogger to the turnstone team! J. Kelly Hoey brings a wealth of experience in the entrepreneurial ecosystem as a strategist, speaker and expert networker, equipping those she mentors to take their relat [...]

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How to Foster Wellbeing to Boost Creativity in the Workplace

As both emerging and established companies seek to infuse their workplaces with creativity, disruptive thinking and innovative products and services, founders and CEOs clamor to unlock secrets that might give them a competitive edge. And while the me [...]

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Personality: 4 Reasons it Matters to Entrepreneurs

It's not just Silicon Valley and the Big Apple feeling the squeeze. Burgeoning, up-and-coming markets pinched between coasts sense the tide rising, sending founders and execs from across the country scrambling to edge out the competition waiting to s [...]

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