Bassline Expansions: Q&A with Designer Yuka Hiyoshi

2018-07-11T15:10:40+00:00July 11th, 2018|Product Solutions|

Turnstone previewed an anticipated expanded collection of products to complement the award-winning Bassline tables at NeoCon 2018. The addition of credenza storage, seating and box top tables completes a lounge setting and supports both individual and team-based creative work.

To learn more about the new additions to the collection, we interviewed Yuka Hiyoshi, a senior industrial designer for Turnstone. A graduate of Pratt Institute, she now resides in New York and has worked on several award-winning products, including the Turnstone Bassline table.

What was your original design vision for Bassline Table?

This was my first project for Turnstone, so it will always be special to me. We needed a new base for Bivi Rumble Seat lounge. In brainstorming for that, we remembered an idea a previous Turnstone designer had, to create a design system with a base that lets you put different sizes of tops on it just by changing the lengths of the extrusion and the angle of the legs.

With those two combinations, we can offer all different kinds of tops, in all different sizes, so it becomes very personal. It’s a clever way of letting us offer more choices.

What was your design vision for the new Bassline Collection?

The new Bassline Collection is more about lounge settings. We asked ourselves: We have Bivi Rumble Seat with Bassline Table. What else do you need to make work more comfortable?

A storage unit can act as a natural room/space divider – but let’s make it more open than a regular storage unit. Sheet metal pans can be arranged to create graphic elements in the space – that would be very interesting. An ottoman lets you put up your feet and adds short-term seating for a guest. Then we added a storage unit credenza, so we had a full application.

Has anything surprised you about the response to Bassline?

The response has been great. People are really excited about the tables and being able to put any top on the table they want. There are so many custom creations people have made, it’s hard to pick a favorite. I love seeing how people use the system to think outside the box and get really creative. We see people making something memorable or meaningful for them and their organization, where the furniture becomes an art piece for the customer.

Why did you decide to add the new products that are part of the collection?

Our goal is to make work more comfortable in a lounge setting. I like how Campfire and other brand products work together application-wise. It’s really dynamic. We created a workspace around the Bassline Table and Bivi Rumble Seat, but those pieces can also be combined with other Turnstone pieces. As a designer, it’s great to see your product play with other categories and furniture in ways you may not have first thought of.

Anything else you’d like people to know about Bassline?

I really want them to know about the legs and how simple the system is. As a designer, the legs are where I put a lot of energy. They make everything possible; they should be celebrated and acknowledged. We can add glass tops without the sub-top to celebrate the legs and let the leg color be seen.