Bassline: The Rhythm of the Room

2018-11-16T15:37:39+00:00November 15th, 2018|Product Solutions|

In today’s business environment, change is our only constant. Industries are disrupted, businesses are transformed, and teams are forced to flex to the new demands of the modern economy.

Since our work is always changing, our office space should evolve, too.

The Bassline Collection is an adaptable and expressive series of tables, seating and storage for the office. The entire statement of line is built on an innovative base system that can support a range of sizes, shapes and materials with simple adjustments.

“By simply altering the center support and brackets, we’re able to accommodate everything new,” says Brett Willink, Senior Product Engineer. “The base and attachment method for the new products is identical to the original tables.”

Bassline was born out of the design challenge to create freestanding legs for Bivi Rumble Seat, and it quickly expanded to include much more. Building on an innovative design idea, the team discovered a way to provide greater personalization in the office design process.

“It becomes very personal,” says Yuka Hiyoshi, Senior Industrial Designer.

“It’s a clever way of offering more choices.”

Expanding Bassline

The expanded Bassline Collection is designed to be as much about productivity in the office or on campus as it is comfort.

New Bench Seating is designed to move with people as they group around conversations or support a more relaxed posture. Bassline Tables, with new design options, create spaces that invite users to stay and store their stuff. And new Storage doubles as a focal point in the office with exciting design details and materials.

Express Yourself

Following the example of the original Bassline Occasional Tables, the new offering comes with a range of creative choices for designers and customers. Play with materials, sizes, colors and more as you compose the Bassline that’s unique to you. Build your space on the base, and create an environment that looks, sounds and expresses your rhythm.

Ready to get started? Visit the Bassline Collection page to see all the new products and inspiration for your next space.