Benefits of an Ottoman in Your Office Lounge

2020-03-13T15:12:48+00:00March 26th, 2020|Workplace Design|

As you plan lounge spaces for your office, the first two things you might focus on are your coffee tables and lounge sofas or chairs. These are the pieces of furniture that help anchor your space and will be the furniture people use most frequently, so they absolutely are a great place to start. But as important as those pieces are, don’t forget to also think about things like ottomans.

Ottomans can be so much more than just an accessory. They’re extremely versatile pieces of furniture that can make valuable additions to any lounge area. You work hard and so should your furniture. Here are just a few things you can do with ottomans:

Office lounge setting with blue Campfire screen behind a gray Jenny Round chair and a gray Alight Bench ottoman.The Alight Bench Ottoman in this office lounge gives people a comfortable and convenient place to have conversations with colleagues.

Impromptu Seating

Office lounges can go through a lot of changes from day to day. Seating in particular often needs to be rearranged to support the needs of different groups and sometimes, extra seating may be needed to supplement sofas and chairs. Ottomans can be a very stylish and functional solution, offering lightweight seating that can easily be pulled up next to a table or placed off to the side as needed. 

Bassline Bench with yellow upholstery, red legs, and attached side table.With an attached side table, Bassline Benches make it easy for you to take a seat — and a work surface — anywhere you need it. 

Turn Them Into Tables

Just as people often need some extra seating in lounges, they may also need some extra tables from time to time. If needed, ottomans can act as a worksurface ideal for setting down things like laptops and notebooks. Or if you like to keep books and magazines in your lounge, ottomans can be a great place to display them. Need an option that can be used as seating and a table at the same time? Bassline Benches are available with an optional side table, giving users a convenient place to put their coffee while they work. 

A person rests their feet on a light green Campfire Pouf.Use it as a footrest or seating. Campfire Poufs are a natural fit for flexible spaces. 

Put Your Feet Up and Relax

When you’ve been spending a lot of time sitting at your desk, it’s only natural to want to get up, move around, and change your posture after a while. Even though relaxation is something companies spent a long time trying to discourage, that is quickly becoming a thing of the past and a growing number of companies are now embracing casual, informal environments. When office lounges include ottomans, they can easily provide a footrest for anyone who wants to put their feet up for a bit. 

Overhead view of a person working in an office lounge while sitting in a light green Campfire Lounge System with a red Alight Ottoman nearby.The red upholstery on this Alight Round Ottoman brings a pop of color and extra seating to this lounge space.

Add a Pop of Color

A little bit of color can go a long way. If the decor of your office lounge needs a little something extra to add some visual interest, try adding an ottoman upholstered in a color that contrasts from the rest of your lounge furniture. You might be surprised what a big difference it can make! 

Black Alight Bench and Corner Ottomans arranged in a question mark-like shapeThink outside the box with your seating. By combining different shapes of ottomans, you can have seating that is very uniquely your own. 

Creative Configurations

Looking for seating that really makes a statement? Arrange a group of ottomans in a unique configuration that can create a focal point in a room. With Alight Bench Ottomans and Alight Corner Ottomans, for example, it’s easy to create the perfect configuration for your space.

Looking for more inspiration for your lounge? Browse the full selection of Turnstone products for more seating, table, and accessory options. Our design team can also work with you to design a space your team will love. Schedule a call today.