Choosing the Best Color for Your Office: Green

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The colors you choose for your office impact company culture, brand identity and employee wellbeing. Here is how to incorporate one of our favorite accent colors into your office: Green.

It’s time to bring color into the office.


While designing an office, even the smallest details matter. The colors you choose to incorporate into the workplace through materials, accessories and colors impact company culture, brand identity and employee happiness. Because it’s important to be purposeful with your decision, we’re taking an in-depth look at one of our favorite colors for workplace design: green.

Pantone’s Color of the Year is Greenery, chosen after observing our current global culture. A fresh shade of green with a tinge of yellow, reminiscent of spring and new beginnings, Greenery’s bright, revitalizing qualities are similar to turnstone’s signature green tone, Wasabi. Green shades like Wasabi bring spice and lushness to spaces, reenergizing and reconnecting us to nature’s unity. They are comforting and exciting, like sprouting leaves or tangy green apples.

Color psychology

With the increase in awareness of biophilia, the theory that there is an instinctive bond between humans and nature, today’s workplaces place an emphasis on bringing elements of nature into the office. Research by Steelcase further proves that incorporating green colors can help improve worker wellbeing. Since we often see green naturally in the world, Wasabi’s organic and vibrant qualities have the ability to relax and awaken us. Green symbolizes life and vitality, bringing a breath of fresh air into indoor areas.

“I think green, like our Wasabi tone, looks great with a wide range of other colors that allow it to change and give different vibes. For example, using green with whites and wood tones gives the feeling of zen and creates a calming environment. However, when placed in a scheme with greys and blacks, the color feels modern and sophisticated,” says Amanda, one of turnstone’s design experts.

 Perfect pairs

Using green in your office can bring a pop of bold color to your space by:

  • Supporting earthy browns and wooden furniture to create a grounded sanctuary
  • Acting as an accent in neutral rooms with white and grey foundations
  • Complementing deep and mature purples

Find Furniture

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